Chapter 24

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"No strippers,"
"Yes sir."
"No excessive drinking,"
"Yes sir."
"And no boys unless you want the club to end in a massacre."

I raise a brow, not even for a minute doubting that he would indeed do it. Bastard.

"No boys are going to talk to me either way, thanks to the hideous dress you got me." I scoff, after making me change clothes six times I let him decide what to wear... at least let him think that he decided what I'm going to wear.

He gave me a baggy black dress that looks like an oversized nightshirt. If you haven't guess already, it's my bachelorette tonight.

"Well I think..." He trails off coming closer, "That you look perfect either way."
"Is that so?" I raise a brow, feeling his hands slide down until they're on my ass.
"Si, princesa."

He gives me a squeeze and kisses me before I can protest any more against the hideous dress.

"Pablo.." I mumble, against his lips.
"Mhm baby?"
"I hope you know that the same rules apply for your party – no strippers. No girls."
"Jealous already? I like it when you're possessive." He smiles against my lips.

I'm not possessive? Am I? No... I'm not! I'm just making sure we're on the same side. I don't really care if he has strippers or not...

"You have to leave; the girls are coming soon." I say, pushing him out the door.
He laughs, "I'm going try and not be offended over how much you want me out of here."
When we reach the door, he stops and looks at me.

I don't know why, but when he looks at me like that – I get goosebumps, because his eyes they turn so big and for a second it feels like it's only us.

"I'll see you soon, little brat." He says calmly, pushing my hair out of my face and cupping my cheeks before giving me a kiss on the forehead – my stomach does that thing again, it flutters.

When he's out the door, I smile to myself – then I notice how big I'm smiling and clear my throat. I probably look like an idiot.

I rush to my closet and bring out the real outfit, the one I'm going to wear under the hideous black dress. Smiling to myself I put it aside and start doing my makeup.


"Can we go in, it's freezing!" Isabelle whines,
"We have to wait on Pablo." I repeat for the third time.

Only seconds later, I spot Luca in the driver's seat and Pablo next to him. Luca looks as mad as usual, and Pablo... he looks, well. He looks even more handsome than he usually does. He's wearing a perfectly fitted suit, and his hair is slicked back.

Getting out of the car, he's accompanied by the girl he told me he was going to introduce me to. At first I wasn't sure if I really wanted to meet more of his girl "friends." But then he explained that she's like a sister for him and she has a thing with Bruno.

He even told me that if I was able to get her to speak with Bruno by the end of the night – he would buy me whatever I wanted, with no limits.

"You look good baby," Pablo smiles, after introducing me to the girl – Amalie.
"You don't." I scoff, still annoyed that he made me wear this dress.

"That's her way of showing love." He winks to Amalie.

She snorts and takes a couple of steps to the side to give us some privacy I assume.

"Keep your phone on, understood?"
"Whatever you say," I smile innocently – waiting to take this dress off as fast as he's in the car.
"Good girl," He kisses my forehead.

Luca rolls down the window and gives him a look, hurry up look. He winks at me one last time before turning around and leaving. When he's out of the frame, I turn around to the girl and wipe away the innocent look on my face.

She's pretty – not the innocent, quite pretty but the kind of badass – seductive type of pretty, if she didn't have a thing for his best friend I'd almost react. Yet, I don't know her personally and I don't know what he's told her.

"Are you going to be my babysitter for the night?" I question, not bothering to sugarcoat.
She laughs, "Fuck no."
"Are you going to snitch to Pablo if we go wild? And ruin the fun?"
"Sweetheart, this is a bachelorette," She smiles – "In other words fuck no."

I smile, pleased with her answers – maybe I'll have one person that I'll actually be able to tolerate through this bachelorette unlike Leah, Isabelle and their friend.
"Then let's get this party started." I grin.

She eyes my dress and I know exactly what she's thinking – damn you Pablo.
"Hold this," I say, taking off my coat.

I grab the hem of the dress and slide it off, revealing the yellow two piece I bought when I was out with Pablo – that he told me he'd kill anyone who sees me in it except him, and then he'll make me watch as he burns the outfit.

Amalie's mouth drops, "If Pablo saw you right now, I'm pretty sure he would kill me."
She seems more impressed than scared though.
"Why would he kill you?" I question,
"Because I'm supposed to look out for you and that violates probably ten out of the rules he gave me."

I knew he brought her here to be my babysitter and his spy! Sneaky bastard.

"But you said you're not going to snitch, right?" I make sure,
"Only if you don't." She smiles.

I like her already.


A couple of hours into the bachelorette, we're bored out of our minds and no alcohol is able to fix it so we do something that may violate another one of Pablo's rules – we invite more people, and I even think Lisa invited strippers.

My phone plings just as I take another shot,

Pablo: Everything good baby?
Me: Everything is peerfcect
Me: Perfrct

I squint my eyes and try to focus on the damn letters, but the shots combined with the multiple drinks we've had so far are working harder than ever.

Pablo: Are you drunk??
Me: Noooo, my phone is broken. Oops.
Pablo: Broken? Do you want me to send Martin with a new one? I'll send him now.

Before I have the chance to write anything more, my phone is snatched out of my hand and thrown away.

"Heyy!" I slur, "Now it's actually broken."
"It's your bachelorette darling, have some fun – Pablo can wait." Amalie slurs in her thick british accent, I giggle and nod my head.
"He's going to be sooo mad."

We hit the dance floor, and we even end up on the damn poles. Amalie starts twirling around and she's actually good until she falls on top of me and we both laugh so much I think I peed myself a little.

I stumble to the window, searching for my phone – it's only been a few hours, but I'm wondering what Pablo is doing. Is he having fun? Is he missing me or is he too busy?

I look out the window, and my eyes connect with a pair of crazed ones. I blink a couple of times to focus on the tall slender figure with short brown hair, she looks familiar – and those crazy eyes.

I've seen her before... the engagement party! She stood there and stared just like she's doing right now, but now she's not smiling – she looks rather mad.

"Bella!" Someone shouts, catching my attention for a second. I turn around again, and she's gone now.. weird.

I slump down on the sofa next to Amalie,
"I feel bad." I slur, thinking about Pablo – he's probably so bored right now.
"Whaat, why?" Amalie slurs back,
"Because Pablo is probably in a boring party, while I'm here with strippers behind his back. I told him to do whatever he wants and that I didn't care but he said no."

Okay maybeee it didn't go entirely like that, but my point stands – we've invited strippers, while I practically made it clear he wasn't allowed any.

"Wait a second," Amalie says – reaching out to grab something from the table, her phone. She presses the instragram icon, "You want to see?"
"Is that even a question?" I breathe.

We search up multiple of their accounts and then land bingo when we see that Luca has posted, it's a picture of Pablo blindfolded with the caption "Last week of complete freedom before this fucker turns into a husband." I roll my eyes.

"Press the next." I say, wanting to see more. She slides to the next story and freezes, it's a picture of Pablo and Bruno.
"They're at the hotel." I notice, inspecting the picture.

Pablo looks like he's kind of taken aback, while Bruno is smirking – the caption says,
"FUCK YEAH." Of course, its Luca.

I look at Amalie and she's still staring at the picture, or at the man in beige suite – Bruno. She seems sad, but this is the perfect opportunity, so I grab it.

"What about Bruno? See if he's posted something, he's tagged." I suggest, hoping she'll press the wrong button and send him a notification or maybe end up missing him enough to send him a message – I don't really know what happened between them, but Pablo said they were the real deal, and I believe his judgement.

"Uh, I'm not sure that's a good idea." She swallows,
"Please?" I pout, "I need to know that my fiancé is miserable without me."

She laughs and follows it up with a deep breathe before clicking Bruno's name. He's posted a recent picture,

"I thought they were only going to celebrate with their guy friends.." I say, looking at the girls in the background of the picture.
"You have a lot to learn, sweetheart." She says with a defeated tone.

I scoff, and press the icon button to see his story – letting out a gasp, this traitor.

Pablo is tied to a chair, with a blindfold on as a girl dances on his lap. I don't know if it's the alcohol talking, but a big part of me wants to drag her by the hair and throw her off of him – how dare they. My jealousy gets the best of me, as I watch the rest of the video.

The camera turns to Bruno on the sofa, chatting to a blonde – he spots the camera and shouts, "Fuck yeah!" then it turns around and shows Luca as he shouts the same thing.

"What an asshole!" I huff, "Did you see the way shse had her hands all over him?"
I don't know who I want to slap, both. Him for saying there won't be any strippers, and her just for doing her job. But she's doing that job on my fiancé.

Amalie laughs, "Thought you didn't care what he did?"
My cheeks flush read when I notice how jealous I'm acting, "I-I don't."
She raises her brow, making it obvious she doesn't believe me.

"Whatever," I scoff, "Don't think I didn't notice the way you looked at Bruno."
She gasps, and I already know what she's thinking – "Yes it was."
It was very obvious, I would have noticed even if Pablo didn't say anything.

"What's the thing with you two?" I question,
"Long story." She sighs, grabbing the closest drink and gulping it down.. oh.
"That's code words for he was a douche and broke your heart I assume?"

We both lean back in our seats,
"Fuck them." Amalie mutters,
"Yeah, fuck them." I repeat.

We both sit and sulk, full of unwanted jealousy.

"You know what? Yes fuck them. Why should we sit and sulk when they're out there having fun? We can have fun too!" She smirks,
"What's on your mind?" I question, she answers with a devilish smile..


A whole lot of drinks later, both of us are a big hot mess – hair is a mess, my bun is loose and our make-up has faded and we're barely functioning.

Then it happens, Pony by Ginuwine starts blasting as strippers enter the room – going straight to me as Amalie takes out her phone and starts filming. We go through the entire song and we even get a snippet of a stripper on her too, and then we post it on her Instagram.

"Oh my God," I blink a couple of times, "He's going to be sooo maad." And every part of it excites me.

Seconds, I swear seconds barely pass by before Amalie's phone is bombarded with messages and Pablo's name popping up on the screen. I smile and press the red button before grabbing her phone – the night is almost over, she hasn't talked to Bruno.

I grab the phone and send him a pleasant message – just like I thought, he calls immediately. I smile as I watch Amalie's eyes widen, she's clueless.

I slap my hand on my mouth when I hear how fast their conversation escalates. She starts yelling at him, letting out stuff I imagine has been on her chest for a long time – then she pauses,
"Fuck you, Bruno." She hangs up and throws the phone away.

My lips part, I'm about to ask her if it felt good to finally let it out and give him a taste of his own medicine but I stop immediately when she covers her face with her palms and I hear muffled sobs escape her mouth.

"hey, no no no!" I breathe, gaining all my energy to slide closer and rub her back. "Don't cry, I'm so sorry, I didn't think-"
"It's not your fault," She cries silently, "I just – I haven't heard his voice in weeks."

I turn silent, thinking about how it feels – to miss someone so much that hearing their voice is enough for you to break down. I wonder to myself, how would I feel if I went weeks without hearing Pablo's voice? I would feel.. bad. Really bad.

"Do you love him?" I ask,
She inhales and looks up at me with red eyes – she looks down and nods slowly, almost like she doesn't want to.

I swallow, "How.. How do you know? That you're in love, I mean."
She breathes out a silent laugh, and a pained smile covers her face – "When I see him, I feel those damn butterflies, every single time – no matter how much time passes, sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad. When he's around I feel warm, and there's just this... this feeling, you know? This feeling of peace, and this aching feeling that can only be satisfied by him."

Her smile falters a little, "You know you're in love when the thought of losing that person is more painful than anything, and you're scared shitless but it's worth it – because they're worth it." She bites her lip, and another tear escapes her eye – "Sadly, not everyone thinks it worth it though."

She meets my eyes again and gives me a small nod – "You'll know, trust me."
"Love is hard to understand, and it's hard to describe – but you'll know quickly, because the moment you look into the eyes of the person you love, time stops and everything around you will disappear."

Those damn butterflies, every single time – no matter how much time passes. Sometimes they're good, and sometimes they're bad.

"But Bella?"
"If you ever find that, if you find someone that gives you that feeling – don't let them go, fight for it because it's rare and it'll disappear in the blink of an eye."

I lay back down and close my eyes – could it be? Could this be worth it?

"Bella, don't be boring! Come on, drink some more!" Isabelle shouts, before she's dragging me off of the sofa alongside with Leah. I throw one glance at Amalie, she's fallen asleep, so I let her be but make sure to keep an eye on her.

I drink some more, and let the alcohol settle down as I prepare for the moment the doors burst open and I see the murderous look in my fiances eyes.

"Fianceeee!" I squeal, running towards him and jumping into his arms – feeling this sudden urge to be close to him. "I missed you!" I whisper so only he can hear.
He wraps his arms around me, "I missed you too, baby."

I ignore the gasps coming from the guys and look at him with a sloppy smile and heavy eyelids. I look at his lips, they look so soft, so warm.

Wait a damn minute.. "Who was that girl on your lap, asshole!" I slap his arm, his eyes widen and then he flashes a smile.
"And you're smiling? She was that good, huh?" I keep hitting him.

He lets out a laugh, and grabs my hand so I can't move them – "Jealous now are we baby?"
"Hmm," I hum, "Not really – I was very much occupied myself."
"Bella." He growls, his expression falling immediately.

His eyes scan the room, "Where did they go?"
"The fuckers that had their hands all over my girl."

My eyes widen when he reaches his belt and pulls out a gun,
"Pablo!" I shriek, "You're not killing them." I look behind me and see the male strippers with a look of horror on their eyes,
"We're all gay!" One of them shouts, "We swear."

He blinks a couple of times and looks down at me, "Put down the gun! You had a stripper on you too, remember?"
His eyes linger back to the strippers, "You have three seconds to get out of here before I change my mind."

They waste no seconds, barely grabbing their clothes they jolt out of the room.

"Asshole." I scoff,
"What did you say?" He questions, spinning me around to face him again.
"Don't even try!" I speak, "I saw the video of the girl all over your lap, you can't be mad at me."

A soft look covers his face, and a small smile appears.

"Then you also saw that I was trying to get out of the knot Luca and Bruno made. I didn't know there were going to be strippers – I swear baby."
"So, you didn't enjoy it?" I cross my arms over my chest,
"Not even a little bit, the only good thing was me being blindfolded because then I could imagine it was you on me."

I roll my eyes at his cheesy words but can't help the small smile tugging on my lips. He leans down, grabbing my face.

"I do however enjoy seeing my little brat jealous over me."
"I'm not jealous.." I mutter, as his face gets closer and our lips about to touch – it's only been a few hours but i've been craving his kisses since he left and it scares me.

Before we have the chance to do anything, a groan catches our attention.
"You guys are literally making me sick." We both look at Luca, shaking his head with a disgusted expression.

"Luca?" I smile,
"This is for tying my fiancé to a chair, and letting another girl give him a lap dance."
"Wha- FUCK."

I watch him crouch down as my foot hits him where the sun doesn't shine. I didn't even kick him hard, but just enough for him to feel it.

"You little-"
"Watch that mouth hermano, I still have my gun." Pablo interrupts before he can finish the sentence.
"Traitor." Luca scoffs, walking to the nearest chair.

Pablo looks at me with an impressed smile,
"That's my girl." He grins, leaning down to kiss me again until another voice interrupts us and this time, we both scoff.

Turning around we face Bruno, he's carrying a passed out Amalie in his arms.
"I'm taking her home." He says calmly,
"I'm not so sure that's a good idea-" I start, but he doesn't even bother listening before his out the door.

"Don't worry, she's safer with him then with anybody else." Pablo says, "He may be a dick sometimes, but he'd never let anyone touch a hair on her head."
"If you say so.." I mutter, watching as they disappear.

Two arms wrap around my thighs and suddenly I'm thrown over a pair of shoulders,
"Pablo!" I slap, but he ignores me.

He turns around, "Come on Luca, we're leaving."
"I think I'm going to stay,"
"Luca..." Pablo trails off, clearly not liking the idea,
"Don't worry, go home – I'll be fine, someone has to soothe the pain caused by your fiancé anyways."

I laugh to myself, he did deserve it though.

"Call me when you get home, I'll be waiting up." Pablo demands,
"Yeah yeah, go now – ride into the sunset or some shit."

"Good night, Lucaaaa." I grin as Pablo starts moving towards the exit with me on his shoulders like a sack of potato.
"Sweet dreams, princess."

After a few minutes, Pablo puts me inside a car and covers me with his jacket.

"Did you have fun?" He asks, sliding a hand around my waist and dragging me into him.
"A little, I missed you though."
"So you say, but you didn't seem to miss me when you were touching other men's abs." He rolls his eyes and I gasp, smiling from ear to ear.

"I didn't touch their abs!"
"The video – which is now deleted by the way, says otherwise."

He looks out the window, pretending to be hurt and I smile to myself – moving closer to him.
"Okay maybe I did, but yours are way better."
"Mhm." He hums, looking out the window and ignoring me but I see the small smile tugging on his lips.

I put my hand on his thigh, and slide it up until it's on his shirt and I start to tug on it.

"What are you doing?" He questions, throwing a glance at the driver seat.
"Well? You don't believe me, but I'm telling the truth – I'll prove it." I slur,
"Not in front of Martin you won't." He shakes his head.

I look at him for a moment and then I pout, blinking a couple of times as I push some tears forward – remembering the technique I learned when I was ten so my father could forgive me when I did something bad.

"Are you crying?" His expression turns serious,
"You're mad at me-" One tear falls, then another – "And you won't even let me apologize."
"No no, baby I was just joking." He rushes, "I didn't mean it like that, please don't cry."

I'm about to burst out in laughter but do my best to keep it in so he doesn't realize that its not real tears.

"So, you're not mad anymore?" I sniffle, biting my lip.
"I can never be mad at you princess." He wraps his arms around me, this time I let the smile cover my face.
"So you'll let me keep this outfit then?" I grin.

He gasps, "I knew you weren't crying!"
"Sure, you did." I smile, he shakes his head in disbelief but then he gives me a smile matching mine.
"Brat." He mutters before leaning in and kissing me.

We kiss a lot, he kisses my entire face – my forehead, my nose, my cheeks and my mouth. It feels good. He feels good.

It's scary how good he feels.

"Pablo?" I question, our lips brushing against each other.
"Yes princess?"
"What do you see when you look into my eyes?" I swallow, not sure what I'm expecting.

He raises his brow, probably wondering why I'd ask that, but he doesn't comment on it. Instead, he brushes his thumb against my cheek.

"I see you, and me."
"Yes, us. Only us."

I don't know why, but my stomach doesn't only flutter this time – it also drops. A mixture of happiness, but also.. sadness? Pain? I don't know, but I don't let it ruin it – I smile.

And I taste those soft lips again.

"Mhm," He leans in, "Now let's go home – I have a yellow matching set to burn."
I gasp, "You wont!"
"Oh, I so will."

Bastard. My bastard.

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