The Discretion Series (NEW BOOK - Aching for his Discretion)

OK. It's happening, people... I am literally so excited!!! Ok. So we all know the first and second books of the Discretion series, specifically tailored to the Russel and Neman family, yes? Yes. Well, I am planning... keyword planning!! The prologue with Brielle's parents. Blaine and Maya's spin-off is coming soon, but I am jumping to start one of the stand-alones I have planned.. I know why not in order?, but I was very excited for book 5.. so excited I already have 12 chapters ready.

Call me crazy, or decide this is too much to handle.. I know it is, dammit. Add in Tattoo Heartist and Lycan Griffan, and I am literally a recipe for disaster.. but I am working on Tattoo Heartist, I promiseeee ok. anywho.

Also, FAIR WARNING.. My writing style has changed dramatically, and Book 4 (Blaine) and Book 5 (first stand-alone) are very raunchy and explicit.. I mean, Book 5 kinda eases into it by the first few chapters, but I planned for spicy action in Blaine's book starting in chapter 2. Plz.


So the order is:

His Possession In Discretion - Book #1 (Complete)

Delilah In Discretion - Book #2 (Sequel) (Complete)

Discretion at Its Finest - Book #3 (Prologue to His Possession In Discretion ) (COMING NOT SO SOON)

The Secrets of His Discretion - Book #4 (Spin off - Blaine and Maia) (COMING SOON)

Stand Alones:

Aching for his Discretion - Book #5 (OUT NOW)

The Art of Discretion - Book # 6 (COMING NOT SO SOON)

I will be posting the character aesthetics, etc., for book five today and in the upcoming weeks, slowly publishing the other books even though they will have no real chapters. I want to post them just becauseeee.... anyway, please go add Aching for his Discretion to your libraries and be ready for the update coming next week!

I know I am literally insane...

Much love. x


Stand Alone


" I only trust you, Tesoro.. " He muttered once again, not budging when I tried to pull my arm, and I bit my lip.

" But we just met.. " I whispered, and he narrowed his eyes at me.

" Now, Teegan. " He said firmly but thankfully, not angrily. I debated for a few seconds, and after realizing he wouldn't let me go if I didn't help him, I reluctantly sighed.

" I have to leave the room to get the supplies to take out the bullet and clean your wound. " He looked at me for a moment before tightening his hand around mine for a split second.

" If anyone else walks in here, little girl.. You're going to be in a lot of trouble.. "


Teegan Monroe. A 3rd-year medical student, sheer perfectionist, and overthinker has found herself in quite the predicament after meeting.. Levi Amante. A crude, flawed, highly attractive man... who happens to be a ruthless mafia leader who enjoys torturing and taking the lives of others.. He enters her into his world in which she discovers her greatest fantasies as well as her possible worse nightmares. Will their love be able to prevail in the midst of lies, secrets, death, and blood, or will they ultimately leave one another with an aching heart that will never be repaired?