Baby Blue Bronco

Natalie's birthday is coming up soon, and I still haven't decided on what to get her. The girl deserves the world for having to put up with me. She has enough clothes, the latest phone, anything she could want so it's hard to know what to get her. All I know is that it has to be good.

Her mom was in town for the week and we were going to all fly back to Chicago for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Nat's birthday. Nat's mom was staying with her in her room for the week and I even pranked her by placing a shirtless Jeff sitting on her bed waiting. Her face was priceless and she looked like she wanted to kill Jeff. She even told me it would have been more believable if she found me lying shirtless on the bed claiming to be with Natalie. Ever since we were little, she's always rooted for us to be together. I always got along well with Nat's mom and we joke around all the time just for shits and giggles.

Anyways it was two in the morning and I woke up super thirsty so I got up to go to the kitchen for some water. Natalie's room is the last room in the hallway before you reach the living room. We all had gone to bed around midnight after watching a movie and I assumed they were both sound asleep. I walked down the hallway half-asleep and I heard voices coming from Nat's room. They were clearly both awake and having  a little bonding time. I didn't want to eaves drop on their conversation but it was so tempting. What do girls talk about with their moms?

I put my ear next to the door and tried my best to listen.

"Natalie when are you going to find someone to settle down with? You're getting old." I hear her mom say.

"Mom, I'm 22 years old. I hardly call that old."

"Yeah at your age I already had you."

"How about I'll get a boyfriend when I get my Baby Blue Bronco."

"So, never?"

"Mom! I'm going to get it one day, and it'll be before you."

"No way! I'm going to get it first. That car has always been a dream."

"It's the perfect beach car."

Nat has always talked about that fucking car since we were kids. She always said that one day she'll be able to get it and go the beach or drive down the highway. I never knew why it meant so much to her, but I guess it was because it was something they shared between each other.

I decided that I've had enough snooping for one day. I retreated from the door and went back to my original task of obtaining a water bottle from the kitchen. Baby Blue Bronco huh? Maybe I can get that for Natalie's birthday since she really wants it. I can admit, never out loud, that I may or may not have a little crush on Natalie. Okay I do have a crush and it's probably defined as more than a crush. I always try to distance myself from her so that I can be less flustered and more at ease. It never works out, she's like a magnet. 

About 90% of our friend group that are guys and even a girl or two have crushed on Natalie. Despite her obvious beauty, she is a tremendous soul. She is shy but can be bubbly when she's comfortable. She is always sweet, sometimes not always to me (especially when she's drunk), and always willing to help. I could see how much everyone here appreciates her. Jason bought her a designer bag for christ sake. When I first decided to hire her, I was nervous about blending work and friends but it ended up being the best decision I've ever made.

The next morning I woke up pretty early despite being pretty restless last night. I wanted to get a head start on the day and try to pull off a surprise for Natalie at the Friendsgiving celebration tomorrow before we leave. I had to find a dealer that had a running baby blue bronco and could get it to me by tomorrow. The car is a pretty old model so it's hard to find, especially in that specific color. My first call usually is to Seat Geek at a time like this, however I wanted this present to be just from me. She's my best friend after all. 

After about three hours on the phone with various dealers and a facetime session to make sure it was the right one, I found it. It was even a convertible too. It was in pristine condition and running smoothly. I couldn't believe my luck, it was meant to be. It was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny. I couldn't wait to give it to Natalie.

Later that afternoon, Natalie and her mom stepped out to do some shopping for her birthday outfit. It was perfect because the car was scheduled to be dropped off in about an hour. I was going to hide it in the garage since she never looks there. The Ferrari is usually parked in there but today I made an exception and moved it out into the curb. A knock at the door was heard indicating that the man was here to drop off the gift. 

"Wow!" I shout when I first see it. She was in mint condition and freshly waxed. I knew Natalie was going to love it. 

"She must be one special lady for you to go all out for this." The dealer tells me.

"Yeah she is."

I parked it inside the garage and placed a huge red bow on top of the hood. That was the same bow we used when I gave her the Mercedes. I closed the garage and headed inside super excited for tomorrow. 

Nat and her mom came home about an hour later and brought me food. We all sat on the couch and watched some TV. Jason had stopped by as well and kept flirting with Nat's mom which only pissed off Natalie. He was joking and was doing it on purpose to get a reaction.

The next day the whole group came over to help prepare for our first annual Friendsgiving. And what I mean by help is sit there and watch while a select few, mainly Jason cooked the meal. Natalie had Taylor set up the table earlier and it was beautifully decorated with fall colors and big fake turkey in the middle. 

We sat and down and went around naming things we were thankful for. Jonah said he was thankful for food, of course. Corinna said she was thankful for friendship which was sweet and then she added that she was thankful for money most of all. Natalie said she was thankful for everyone's friendship and new opportunities she's gotten since moving to LA. I was last to go and said that I was thankful for everyone allowing me to do stupid shit to them for my videos. I could never be serious and emotional but they got what I was saying.

The food was great and the table was filled with conversations and laughter all around. This was the perfect time for me to tell Natalie about the surprise I had hidden in my garage. 

"Guys I have an announcement to make." I say to the group, gaining all their attention.

"Oh God, everyone hide! He's going to shoot us all with the paintball gun!" Jason says laughing.

"I have a surprise." I say smiling.

"He's probably replacing us with a new group. We're all fired! Let's go." Jeff says jokingly.

"No I have a surprise for...Natalie." I sy while pointing my hand at her.

"I'm scared." Nat said.

"You should be. No, I'm just kidding. It's a good surprise for your birthday."

"My birthday isn't for a couple of days." She said looking at me suspiciously.

"I know but I can't take this gift all the way to Chicago." 

"David, it better not be a big ass lizard or something." she says laughing.

"It's something I know you'll love."

She followed me out hesitantly outside to stand in front of the garage. 

"Natalie what do you want most in the world besides a puppy?" I ask her.

We're literally in front of the closed garage door with everybody surrounding us in anticipation.

"I don't want to say it aloud because you probably didn't get me this and I'll sound stupid." She responds laughing,

"Just say it." I assure her.

"A Baby Blue Bronco?" She asks shyly.

I didn't say anything but instead just opened the door with the garage clicker. The door felt like it was taking forever to open but in reality it was probably 20 seconds or so. The beige door unraveled the beautiful car underneath to go with the beautiful girl standing beside me.

"Oh my God! David you didn't it!" she screams.

She ran up to the car which was decorated with a nice big red bow. I handed her the keys and she backed it up into the driveway so we all could get a better look. I jumped in the passenger seat of the car.

"It's convertible by the way." I say.

"David, you honestly didn't have too." She said with tears coming down her face.

I wiped the tears with my right hand and held her chin, "You deserve it and so much more."

We had a moment of intimacy for a while there until Scott banged on the window to get our attention. He wanted to see the interior of the car and had to kill the moment.

After everyone left, Natalie's mom went out to hang out with some friends she met here the other day. It was just me and Nat in the house now and it was so quiet, a peaceful quiet. I was in my room trying to edit tomorrow's vlog, when I heard a light knock at the door.

"Come in!" I say.

In walks Natalie dressed in her biker shorts and oversized T-shirt. 

"Hey, you busy?"

"No, just editing a bit. What's up?" I said patting the empty space next to me on the bed.

She doesn't hesitate and jumps right on the other side of me.

"I just want to thank you really, for everything you did today."

"Aww Nat don't get all mushy on me."

"No for real. No one has ever done anything that nice except for you when you gave me the first car." she says laughing.

"I told you, you deserve it."

"Thank you, David. I can never repay you for everything you've done for me and I'm not just talking about the cars. I know I put up a front like you annoy me and all but I am forever grateful for you."

"Stop, Nat. You're going to make me cry. I wanted to do it. You may not acknowledge it but you do a lot for me too. I wouldn't function everyday if you weren't by my side."

"Aww Davey." she says while reaching out to hug me.

I put aside my computer and hugged her back properly. I pull back and whisper, "Happy early birthday Nat."

We pulled away so we can see each other's faces but did not separate completely. I couldn't pretend I didn't like her anymore, especially when I see her staring at me like that. She was looking at me like I was someone really special to her. 

"I'm going to kiss you, okay?"

She didn't say anything but nodded shyly. I closed the gap between us and kissed her for the first time. We melted into each other. It was perfect. We quickly found our rhythm and deepened the kiss.

After a while we just laid there holding each other. I realized then what I've always kinda known, this is all I will ever need in the world. 

"I hope you got the best present you could ask for on your birthday." I say.

She pecked me on the lips and said, "No, you're the best present I've ever gotten."