6: Blond Stranger

Gulping down the bitter taste of jealousy towards a person I don't even know, I try to focus my attention and energy on trying to get some answers out of him.

But 'try' being the operative word, my mind refuses to think about anything other than who this person might be. "Who is she?" I blurt out before I can even comprehend my own words.

Hearing this he is immediately pulled out of the trance he's trapped in. Stiffening his features to show no emotions he looks at me with a cold gaze. "No one," he replies briefly.

Confident that he's lying to my face, in a fit of anger I decide to push the subject further until either he breaks and I get my answer or he snaps and leaves giving me some time to figure out a way out of here.

"The way you were talking just moments ago says otherwise," I point out suspiciously.

"I have nothing more to say to you," he declares firmly while getting off the bed which irritates me even more causing my anger to flare up to a dangerous height.

"Oh, so you're not just an arrogant kidnapper, but a coward too. Good to know," I acknowledge sarcastically.

Pressure on my throat and him a few inches away from my face is the next thing I feel and see. With a clenched jaw and death grip on my neck, he just keeps staring into my eyes wordlessly.

"You have no idea what you're getting yourself into by provoking me," he snarly lowly gazing deep into my eyes with an unknown emotion dominating them.

"I-I'm just stating...fa-facts," I choke out as his grip tightens with my every word, yet in all his rage he somehow is able to make sure that my oxygen supply isn't cut off completely.

My words just intensify his anger to an unfathomable level, yet I refuse to back down-stupid I know, but I want answers and this is the only way I have left.

Leaning down further, he places a soft kiss next to my ear immediately releasing electric sparks that travel to the rest of my body. "I know what you're trying to do, love. But be ready to face the consequences of your actions if you want to keep playing this game," he growls into my ear

"You can leave as soon as your fever comes down. I'll have a car and driver waiting to drive you back to your car," he announces coldly tossing a pair of familiar keys on the nightstand after which he leaves the room. All while I'm seated on the chair coughing my life out!

My mind takes a while to register and process everything that just happened. And once it does, I feel nothing but anger bubbling up within me, most of which is targeted towards myself.

Never have I ever allowed a man to get this close to me, then why am I let him get this close?

Why do I feel so powerless in front of him?

Flopping down on the bed a sigh leaves my lips as I'm left to ponder over the last couple of hours. 'Enrique' his name keeps popping up in my mind almost driving me to the edge of insanity.

I know nothing about him other than his name and a few vague details I manage to grasp during our conversation, and yet I feel this powerful force drawing me towards him.

The changing eye color, the growling, his impeccable hearing, and extremely fast pace all leave me wondering if he's even human! And yet none of these alarmingly strange abilities displayed by him seem to concern or scare me.

For a person like me whose very nature resists change, I have been considerably nonchalant towards this entire situation-well except for my justified display of anger and irritation towards him.

What is wrong with me?!

Closing my tired eyes, I let myself sink into the darkness as the medicine starts to take effect. With my numerous questions still churning in my mind, I soon drift into a peaceful slumber.


Thunderous growls and booming voices jolt me out of my tranquil state pulling me into a state of panic. Scanning my surrounding for any signs of danger, I relax a little when I see none.

Just as my heart begins to calm down, anger-filled snarls permeate the air once again letting me know that the source of the sound is from outside the room. Making my way towards the window, I try to find out what all the commotion is about.

"You abducted a human, violating the rules of my pack and you want to know why I crossed pack borders!" A blond-haired stranger scoffs with anger clearly evident in his body language.

Wait, did he say abducted a 'human'?

Is he talking about me?

Well unless Enrique goes around kidnapping just about any stranger on the road, I think he is.

And what's this talk about 'packs'?

Enrique stands facing the blond stranger with his back towards the window. Observing the blond man, I can tell that just like Enrique he too is a figure of authority. Well built and muscular, with striking brown eyes that can catch anyone's attention from a mile away.

Sensing my gaze on him, he looks up towards the window and our eyes lock. Muttering something, I notice his eyes gradually darkening until they turn pitch black. Momentarily after this, a powerful punch is delivered by Enrique to the blond man's jaw and with that, all hell breaks loose!

After witnessing this I take a step away from the window and try to even out my breathing. This is way too much crazy for one day, I've had enough to last me a few lifetimes if not more by now.

Walking back to the bed, I realize that my nose isn't stuffy anymore nor is my throat itchy and I feel considerably better! This causes a smile to curve my lips because now that I'm not feeling like crap anymore means that I get to go back home-well technically my apartment, but anywhere is better than this place!

As I get off the bed and proceed towards the window, the door slammed open by Enrique. Accompanying him by the doorway is the blond stranger, I saw outside.

Not even a few minutes ago they were at each other's throat's and now they're standing at the doorway like civilized acquaintances? That isn't suspicious at all!

"This is Adam, he's here to take you home," Enrique informs me in an emotionless tone while Adam offers me a charming smile.

My eyes instinctively narrow when I don't see any bruising on either of them even though they had just been in a very aggressive looking fight with one another. How is any of this possible?!

Staring at me for another moment or two with an impassive gaze, Enrique makes a wordless exit promptly. Now left in the room with just Adam and my thoughts, I put my thoughts on a hold and grab my keys letting Adam know that we can leave, I exit the room.

Walking out of the room, I look around me in awe. All the walls of this place just like the room I was in are made of the same dark wood, with minimum decorations yet a very welcoming aura.

Descending the staircase with Adam right behind me, my eyes start searching for Enrique on their own account. But disappointment soon greets us and I immediately shift my focus on getting the hell out of here.

"Here let me," Adam's smooth voice rings from behind me as he outstretches his arm and opens the front door for me.

"Thank you," I mumble under my breath just loud enough for him to hear and walk out of the door with him following right behind.

"My car is this way," he says taking the lead and guiding with his hand on the small of my back.

As soon as his hand makes contact with my back through the fabric of my top, familiar sparks start spreading through my body like wildfire. Confused at this, I decide against saying anything and set my goal of getting away from all these people after which I can ponder further over this.

Turning my neck to look at the beautiful structure one last time, I'm left amazed by the architecture. "Come on, we need to get back before it gets dark," he says making me realize that I had made an abrupt stop while caught up in the beauty of the cabin.

Nodding in acknowledgment to his words, I resume walking until we reach his noticeably expensive sports car. Once again, he opens the door for me and thanking him, I get inside.

Getting in soon after me, he starts the car and we immediately take off on an unfamiliar road.

As we progress further away from the cabin, I notice my thoughts that were once captivated by Enrique are now being dominated by Adam's charm, leaving me confused and concerned about myself and my sanity.

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