26: Alchemy

Just as Leon is about to start explaining the book opens itself and a fleeting moment later that pages progressively turn themselves over at an alarming rate.

We sit dumbfounded as we witness this, waiting in anticipation for it to stop. The fluttering and flapping the pages emit as the move permeates the stagnant air, and finally, stop to uncover a page with the words 'WARLOCK' printed at the very top in pristine calligraphy.

"What does it say?" Hunter asks from the opposite side of the room, after taking a few moments to digest what we just witnessed.

Shifting my attention to the handwritten calligraphic text on the page. "A subject to the earth, with powers inexhaustible until the sun touches the horizon and the moon graces the sky," I read out word for word, with a permeant frown creasing my brows.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kelly voices her confusion making us all turn to Leon for an answer.

"Like every creature mortal or not, warlock too have a weak point. Until the sun touches the horizon and the moon graces the sky basically means twilight. That's when our powers are at an all-time low."

"So, twilight for you is like wolfsbane for werewolves," I compare for simplification only to receive an affirmative nod from him.

"Hold up...how do you know about wolfsbane?" Leon counter questions me.

"The day I found out that they were real, I read up a little about them," I shrug while the rest nod in understanding.

"Wait but I thought you said this book is a grimoire, so why does this have all this information?" Theo remarks eyeing the book suspiciously.

Not knowing how to reply to his remark I shrug in response. "I don't know," I verbalize my action, drawing my gaze back to the book.

"But...this might help," I say using my index finger to the chain of words written further down on the page.

"Use to your advantage what you already know, combined with the words you may chant are written below," I read aloud.

"Oh, so it is a spellbook after all," Hunter points out and I nod and hum in agreement with my eyes transfixed to the words on the page.

"What's the spell?" Ava questions squeezing into the tiny space beside me to get a better look at what I'm reading.

"Et imbribus venti viribus—" Pressing my palm against her mouth I cut her off from finishing the chant as my worried gaze snaps towards Leon and then towards the open window with a clear view of the sky painted with an orange and blue tint.

"It's batter we keep the testing of the spells to a minimal," I suggest firmly removing my hand and unsealing her mouth.

Realizing my point when moving their gazes towards the window and notice the color of the sky, it draws upon them its twilight. "Sorry Leon, it didn't strike me," Ava apologizes offering him a sheepish smile.

"It's fine, I didn't realize it myself," he dismisses. "Thanks," he adds directing it to me.

"Anyway, coming back on point, you were going to tell us about how you found out that you were a warlock," I prompt clapping my hands to gain their attention, turning in my seat to face Leon properly.

"We...Well I first found out about my powers when I was twelve. I was so excited to go on my first hot air balloon ride, I land up elevating myself into the air," Leon begins and I focus all of my attention on absorbing all he says.

"That's when my parents thought it would be the right time to tell me that we weren't human," he continues. "Well, my mom was until she met my dad," he adds as my afterthought. Raising my hand up like I'm in the fifth grade, I interrupt his narration.

"Yeah?" He asks, quirking a single brow upwards in question.

"What do you mean she was human until she met your dad?" I voice my thoughts, trying my best to mask the hint of fear bubbling within me.

"Every supernatural creature, be it werewolf or warlocks has soulmates. My mom was my dad's soulmate, so after they completed the matting ceremony, my dad turned her making her part warlock...or part witch in other words," he elucidates making me subsequently nod my head in understanding.

Fluttering and flapping grace our ears again, drawing our attention back to the book with its pages in motion once again. We wait in silence for it to stop excited to see where it would land this time.

"Alchemy," I read out the title of the page written in the same pristine calligraphy as the previous page we read.

Tracing the triangular symbols that strategically covered the surface of the expensive handmade paper, I mumble to myself in an inaudible whisper the only text that is written in English that sat between the triangular figures.

Jumping back in my place a squeak escapes my lips when without warning the triangle on the left side starts to emit a golden gleam. "Earth," I mumble to myself acknowledging the shape that's now emanating a soft glow.

"How did you do that?" Ava directs her question to, shock and amazement evident in her features.

I shake my head negatively as soon as her words register into my dumbfound mind. "I...I didn't do anything," I verbalize my actions.

"Then how the hell is it glowing?" She mumbles more to herself. "And more importantly, why?" She adds craning her neck towards me at uttering the last word.

"I don't know," I repeat my answer, while my mind churns and turns to make sense of the occurrence.

"A subject to the earth," I point out as realization strikes me only to receive their confused gazes. "Under the warlock title, it said that they are subjects to the earth," I elucidate pointing towards the glowing triangular figure with the word's 'Earth' inscribed within it causing their mouths to form into an 'O'.

After a couple of minutes spend in keen observation of the glowing shape, the gleam diminishes and before we know it, the glow is gone. This raises numerous questions in my mind, but I push store them away in my memory for later and hopefully a better time.

Shifting my attention to the rest of the group with an expectant look etched to my face and curiosity shadowing my amber orbits, I wait patiently. "I'm an enchantress," Ava claims after a few fleeting moments pass with no one else saying a word.

"Isn't that the same as a witch?" I point out only to have the pages of the book turn once again in response before Ava can voice one out herself.

Once the pages stop flipping, Ava gives its contents a once-over, nodding in approval with her findings she proceeds to explain further.

"A witch contradictory to an enchantress can control things and people using spells, but I don't need spells. Admittedly I can only control and read people's minds, actions, and dreams, but I can do that just with my mind, I don't need any spells and portions for that."

My mouths curve to form an 'O' at her explanation, "So, in other words, you're a psychic," I point out to which she nods affirmatively. "That's so cool!" I ejaculate earning a chuckle from the rest for my antics.

"It is," she agrees.

"What does the book say about it?" Kelly enquires further.

"The controller of minds, captivator of dreams and motions has just a single flaw to hold account. Although they possess the power to change the rhyme of anyone's moments to their very own tune, to hexes and elixir they are not immune," I readout.

"Even though I can manipulate a witch's mind to cast a spell too," she adds just as I finish reading.

"Wait is there a spell to control an enchantress, in there too?" Kelly voices her curiosity which only seems to exasperate Ava.

Glancing at the end of the page I find a similar foreign inscription as I did on the warlock page, craning my neck enough to meet Kelly's eyes I nod affirmatively to her question.

"Sweet!" She enthusiastically exclaims, purposely with clear intentions to irk Ava further.

"Too bad only a witch or warlock and cast it though," Ava bites back with an eye roll, not taking long to understand Kelly's intentions.

"I think out of everyone—"

"That's why Adam was glaring at you that day at the café!" I point out piecing fragments of my memory together all of a sudden.

"Yup!" Ava chortles admittingly.

A throat is cleared rather loudly drawing my immediate attention to Kelly—the owner of the sound. Realizing that I had just cut her off rather abruptly, "sorry," I mumble offering her a sheepish smile.

"Like I was saying, I think out of everyone's power mine a little...um let's just say different." Kelly takes her time to put together the right words to form her phrase.

"Different how?" I enquire curiously, my eyes widening on their own account.

"Well to begin with I can't control people's minds nor cast spells or make potions of any sort," she lists off.

"But what I can do is summon creatures," she declares with a proud smile curving her lips perfectly encasing her pearly white teeth that are on display.

"What do you mean 'summon creatures'?" I voice my confusion, unable to understand the concept properly.

We wait with our eyes cast towards the book, but this time the pages don't flip. This makes me frown with the rest of the group mirroring my expression. "What do I mean by summoning creatures?" Kelly repeats inching closer to the book—acting like the book didn't hear her the first time.

"I think it's broken," she concludes with a sigh.

"Maybe," I add in agreement with her, unable to bear her pouty face and sad eyes when the book doesn't give her the same response as it gave Leon and Ava.

"I'll just show you!" She announces regaining her enthusiasm in a heartbeat. Jumping to her feet she approaches the window in just two excitement-fueled strides.

Her lips move to whisper something incoherently inaudible into the air. Extending her hand outwards, a few fleeting moments pass with a persistent smile curving her lips and a soft glow radiating for her eyes.

And soon enough I understand what she meant by 'summon creatures', when a flutter of butterflies encircles her head like a crown while a single butterfly with a golden hue settling on its sheer white wings, sits majestically on her outstretched hand.

"Wow," I mumble in amazement. "Hey! Mind controlling is pretty cool too!" Ava huffs, her tone evident of jealousy.

"Of course, it is, I'm not comparing here," I whisper in assurance to Ava.

"Whatever," she mumbles softly to herself, smiling at me nonetheless.

"So, you can summon any animal you want?" I direct my question to Kelly who nods affirmatively. "Sweet right?" I nod in agreement with her offering her a small smile.

That's when the pages of the book start to flip themselves. Taking much longer than it did the last two times, we wait perched on the edge of our seat in expectation. But the pages keep turning until it reaches the near end of the visually never-ending book.

"Forest Nymph," I read the title.

"What let me see that?" Kelly's tone is laced in disapproval as she turns the book towards her and gives the page a once-over herself.

"Hybrid, descendent," Ava points out, her index finger tapping the fine print right under the main title.

"Oh," we all mumble in unison. "No wonder, because I'm no minor female nature deity," Kelly adds as an afterthought.

"So?" I prompt her for more clarifying details. She looks at me, her eyes clouded with confusion. "You a hybrid or descendent?" I add.

"No clue," she shrugs. "But I'm leaning towards descendent," she's quick to add as an afterthought making me nod in understanding.

"Subjects to the earth, bonding the flora with fauna with threads of song and words sweet as nectar to the bees," Ava takes the lead to read this time.

"What do bees have to do with her?" Hunter enquires with frowned brows.

"No clue," Kelly and I mumble out together.

"It isn't mentioned here either," Ava adds.

"And here's the spell to control a forest nymph," Ava chuckles with the clear intention of revenge.

"Like you would bother," Kelly rolls her eyes, her writs flicking in dismissal, successfully diffusing the topic before Ava has the chance to irritate her further.

"So, what are you two?" I direct my question towards Theo and Hunter to maintain pin-drop silence throughout this entire unraveling exchange.

"I'm a genius," Hunter shrugs nonchalantly, earning an eye roll from me.

"That's it? You're a 'genius'," I enquire further when he shows no signs of elaborating on the subject.

"Yup," he says popping the 'P' in emphases.

"Come on, there has to be more," I assert adamantly, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"Well..." he drags out leaving me at the edge of my seat bubbling with anticipation. "There isn't," he concludes making me almost fall of my seat.

"How about you Theo?" I direct my question and gaze towards the brooding man sitting in the corner of the room.

But instead of a response, I receive silence...not just from him, but the entire room falling into dead silence at my question. Shifting my gaze towards them, I observe worried glances being exchanged between them as their demeanors adopt a concerning darkness to it.

What did I say wrong? 

Author's Note: 

The image of what the alchemy symbols on the book looked like is at the very start of the chapter.