2: Kidnapped

Alpha Enrique's POV

Walking out of that fatuous meeting has been one of the best decisions I've made all day. This trip to the neighboring pack has been nothing but unavailing and a complete waste of my time.

Admittedly I should have gauged that it would be pointless from the very beginning. Rouge wolves are a problem every pack faces, but to even think that there could be a permanent solution to them is preposterous.

All the ideas pitched in by the Alpha's and representatives from various packs are just based on mere speculation and assumptions. I found nothing of substance in either of their theories.

And however much I may want to eradicate every single one of those abhorrent beasts, not all of them are antagonistic in nature.

Following the path of the town street of this unfamiliar territory, I observe the differences it shares with the territory of my own. As I continue to assess my surroundings, a soft breeze washes over me carrying with it an intoxicatingly alluring scent like no other.

I feel my wolf Rex stir in the back of my mind, urging me to follow the lingering scent. His deviant request catches me off guard, he hasn't acted this way since...a long time.

"Follow the scent Enrique, this may be our only chance," his desperate voice reverberates through my head.

Not having the slightest clue what he's trying to insinuate, I wordlessly follow the unfamiliar yet captivating scent. With every step I take, the enticing scent gets stronger and stronger to a point where it's able to invade and captivate my senses.

My eyes hopelessly search for the source, when they land on a young girl. Her beauty ineffable just like her enticing scent. An unknown feeling starts churning within me at her sight, the way her golden locks caress her delicate heart-shaped face when the gentle breeze kisses her visibly soft skin only intensified it.

I try to pull my gaze away from her, yet find it embarrassingly hard to do so. Rex on the other hand doesn't make my job any easier, impelling me to focus our attention solely on the beauty on the bench.

It has been over a decade since I've felt this way about someone. The urge to walk up to her and claim her as mine is overwhelming.

A feeling I thought I would never feel again clouds my judgment as I blend in with my surroundings and observe the petite human as she devours her ice-cream while engrossed in the book clasped in her hand.

"This is wrong," I tell Rex guiltily.

"You leave now and we'll lose the one chance we have to be complete again, forever," he whimpers.

"Look at her Rex, she's just an innocent human. How do expect me to push her into our ruthless world?" I try to reason with him even though I want nothing more than to claim her as mine.

"We can protect her. We need our mate Enrique, we need her." Saying this his presence vanishes.

Over the years Rex has been getting weaker without our mate, this has been the longest conversation we have had in a while. My eyes hook themselves on her yet again enthralled by her little actions, they refuse to move.

There is this strange yet familiar pull I feel towards her that transfixes me. I soon lose track of time, as the only thing that matters to me is her. The moment I catch sight of her fiery fathomless amber eyes, my decision is made.

I watch her raise from her spot, picking up a few grocery bags that are sitting by her feet, she sets off on her way. Finding myself physically unable to see her leave, I do the first thing that comes to my mind.

I follow her.

Exiting the small park, I notice that she is heading towards the parking. Helplessness and desperacy cloud my judgment, so when I see her head towards her car I act instinctively and approach her.

The sound of my footsteps alarms her. Stopping dead in her track, she turns to face me with a frightened gaze. Her expression clenches my heart, sending excruciating jolts of pain throughout my body.

Her mouth opens to scream, but before she has the chance to do so, I take advantage of the desolated parking and compress her carotid artery. She falls limp in my arms in a matter of seconds, sparks spread across my skin like a wildfire as her skin makes contact with mine.

"I'm sorry, my love," I whisper guiltily into her ear.

Texting my Beta my current location, I commend him to meet me here with the car immediately. Being as gentle as I can, I lift her bridal style making sure to keep her as comfortable as I can.

Spotting her car keys laying on the ground next to the rest of her things, I pick it up and unlock her car. Laying her down on the backseat with the utmost care, I close the door and pick her stuff off the ground.

Dumping them on her front seat, I join her in the back. Resting my head in the crook of her neck, I breathe in her enchanting scent. The ignition of sparks across my skin makes me feel alive.

All these years I've felt like a hollow man, a living body with a dead soul, but this angel resurrected me. At heart, I know what I've done is wrong, but the yearning for a mate constrained me.

Minutes tick by, yet there is no sign of Kevin-my beta. I hear the sound of water falling towards the earth long before it hits the ground and within seconds there is a merciless downpour.

My patience is running thin, but her even breathing helps calm me down. "I'm here Alpha," Kevin's voice rings in my head. Glancing through the window I can barely see a thing even with my enhanced vision.

After minutes of searching the encompassing area, I finally catch sight of my Land Rover. Mind linking Kevin to enter the parking area and stop near the silver car; I wait for him to approach us.

Once he is close enough, I have no option but to lift her in my arms and make a run for the car. I instruct him not to get too close because that might draw some unwanted attention of the pack warriors patrolling the area.

Despite my werewolf speed, we still get soaked by the gushing rain. Worried about the fragile human in my arms, I try to dry her up the best I can with the spare towel I find in the car.

"Head back home," I instruct Kevin and he wordlessly obeys the order.

It surprises me that he hasn't voiced any question about her yet, which is very unlike him. I soon discard the thought and focus all my attention on the unconscious human in my arms.

Holding her in my arms feels so right, yet I can't ignore the small part in me that finds this wrong. I feel like I'm being unfaithful to her.

"She's dead Enrique. She was my mate too and I loved her just as much as you did, but we can't stay alone forever. This emptiness will kill us both. She's our second chance, our miracle, don't lose her." His words keep resonating through my mind like a daunting reminder of her death.

The air in the car is stagnant, tension permeating the atmosphere around us. Although Kevin opts to remain quiet and not ask questions, by his breathing pattern and posture I can assert that he's itching to do otherwise.

But in my opinion, he has chosen the right alternative, because, with a thousand doubts and questions churning in my head at the moment, I will not be able to guaranty how I might respond.

A slight moment in her limp body sends me into a state of alarm. But it soon vanishes when I notice that she has fallen back into a tranquil state.

The ride back to my pack is about an hour-long, and throughout the ride, she remains unconscious while Kevin and I maintain no verbal interaction. As soon as we cross our pack borders, my body relaxes knowing that we are now back on familiar territory.

"Drop me off at the cabin, and take charge for the rest of the day." I receive a firm affirmative response from Kevin and within minutes we reach my destination.

Mind linking our pack doctor to report to the cabin ASAP, I lift her in my arms and carry her across the threshold of my cabin.

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