Birthday🥳 .

Idk I just felt like posting sum for his birthday.

Oh and y'all he getting a tattoo prolly of notti name🤭

Y/n pov

It was dd birthday but I wasn't going to his party because we had a argument and he said mad crazy shit that hurt my feelings.

"Bro you overreacting" I said.

"Naw bro fuck you"

"Fuck me? Nigga fuck you"

"I can't stand you bro you so aggy ion even know why i got with you"

"What? Wym youn know why you got with me"

"I had mad bitches on me and I picked you"

"Get out"i said holding my tears in.

"See look at you you sensitive asl bro I'm gone" he said slamming the door

Recap over

Yeah......His party started at 8 and it's 5:54 I just wasn't gone show

In the middle of my thoughts melz called me.

Ofc I answered seeing her pop up in the screen.

"Hello" I spoke first.

"Heyy pink" she said calling me the nickname she used to call me when I was a baby.

(My cousins used to call me pink because everything I used to have was pink😂)

"Heyy melz"

"So what happened wit you and dd?" She asked

"We got in a argument and he said mad things that hurt my feelings" I told her

"Oh are you still like coming to the party?"

"No ion wanna see him.."

"Cmon y/nnn he wanna see you" she said

"How you know that"

"Because he was mad sad talking bout how he lost you and shit like that"

"Ok and I'm still not coming idc"

"Listen y/n dont be like that yk he love you he was just mad my love ion understand why you questioned his love when you know damn well dd is mad inlove with you. Just think about it okay he really wanna see you" she said

"Ok I'll think about it" i said hanging up.

I sat back down on my bed checking the time it was 6:25 maybe I should really go.

Finally deciding to go I got up getting ready.

I took a shower and once I got out I changed and did my hair.



I did my makeup and finished everything by 7:50 however it took 30 mins to get to the place but it's ok I can be a lil late but all I know is if he act like he don't wanna see me ima just leave.

I looked at myself in the mirror turning around doing a lil twerk test and yes it was twerkable.

I stopped fooling around and grabbed my keys leaving..

All that was on my mind was when I pull up how is everything gone go.

Is there gone be mad bitches there or what?... yes Ik it's gone be bitches there but is dd gone allow them to be all on him.

I snapped outta my thoughts focusing onto the road gotta make it there safe..

(I'm running out of pics of him)

Dd pov

We had pulled up to the party and went inside I seen hella people from family to randoms

But one person I ain't see was my wife . I think I lost her frl cause she would've never missed my party if anything.

Ig dudeylo seen me because he came over and tapped me.

"Just chill bro let her think" he told me making me nod even tho I knew she wasn't gone come because of what I said.

I walked away taking a seat it was mad bitches in here but not one of them was y/n

This shit was irking me maybe I should've stayed there and talked to her but my dumbass left.

"Aye yo yall let's turn up for dd rn" the dj said playing one of my songs.

Niggas and girls was coming up to me telling me happy birthday and shit but that ain't excite me enough but ofc I put on a fake smile.

In the middle of my thoughts the dj said something that caught me.

"Is that Mrs.osamaaaaa i seee" he said dragging the words

I Aint believe it until everyone started screaming that's when I looked up and really saw her walking thru the door.

"I told you" melz whispered into my ear.

She looked mad delicious bro her dress fits her right and everything.

She looked around and when she saw me she walked up to me.

Everyone got up from beside me so we could talk alone.

"Hey" she spoke lowly

"Wsg mh" I said

"Melz talked me into coming so I came" she said

"Come here" i said grabbing her waist

"I'm sorry ma I ain't mean to say all that I was just mad that you was questioning my love for you when everyone knows I'm inlove with you" I apologized .

"I forgive you bae yk I can't stay mad at you to long " she said hugging me

I hugged her back and then we kissed.

"Look at my tattoo" I said showing her my arm

"I like it but Come on it's your day let's enjoy it" she said grabbing my hand walking me to everyone else.

"Ok yall Dd not sad no more so we can get this bih on go" dudeylo said making everybody laugh

We stayed there until atleast 1-2 o'clock.

While we was heading out y/n whispered in my ear.

"You coming with me I gotta surprise for you" she said ngl a nigga got happy asl.

I nodded hopping in the v with her.

Well imagine the rest ig🤷🏽‍♀️

Y'all my pictures be eating don't they yeah I know😁.

And I gotta question.. when i be replying to yall comments do y'all be thinking im mean? Cause people be saying that and I just wanna let y'all know that my replies be all fun and games nun serious..

N I need some chapter ideas cause im running low on tht 2

Anyways byeee y'all have a good night.