~Chapter 24~

Your eyes softly open wide seeing Childe giving you pecks all over your face softly hugging you. The warmth inside of your body grew as Childes morning voice whispered into your ears.
"Good morning princess" Childe ran his fingers through your hair gently resting his chin on top of your head in bed. You grip onto Childes torso placing your cheek near his chest hearing his heart beat. Thump. Thump. Thump. Childe kissed the top of your head gripping onto you hard until he loosened getting out of your grip. You look up at Childe stretching his arms at the edge of the bed yawning. He grabbed you legs pulling you out of your spot to the edge of the bed giving you a longfull kiss before he let go walking to the bathroom. Slamming your back onto the bed, it gave a creek giving you a quick scare. Childe walked back into the room sitting next to you patting your head.
"Sweety, we need to leave in a little bit we've got places we need to be you know." Shrugging him off you get up immediately falling onto the floor with a thud as Childes laughs where heard from the other side of the room. Coming around the bed Childe lifted you up placing you back on the bed. Going to a bag he threw you clothing motioning you to get dressed. Slipping of your shirt quickly placing the new one on quickly tired you from your restless night. You place one foot into the pants hole but slipping the other one through gave you a sharp pain in your ass. Quickly putting it on you rub your lower back as Childe threw you your shoes. Without much problem your shoes where on.
"I'm done." You said softly yawning brushing through your hair with your hands. Childe walked infront of you, his back facing you.
"Get on honey, you won't be able to walk far." Childe giggled as you grabbed onto his shoulders jumping onto his back. Childe steadied out his posture holding you on his back leaving the room. The sun shined brightly in your eyes as Childe was walking out down the street. The chatter of people and things crashing together was heard around you down the streets of who knows where until something caught your blurry eyes. Your eyes widen as this persons red hat became more vibrant as Childe walked more. Averting your attention from the person they only seemed to get closer until they stopped Childe.
"Y/N...?" Was all you heard before Childe spoke up
"No this isn't that person your speaking of sorry, you've got the wrong people." Yanfei tilted her head in confusion before she spoke again
"You're Childe right? Tartaglia or whatever?" You felt Childe nodding not making a noise.
"You dated y/n right?" Childes face grimaced at the question until he nodded once more
"Haha, you kind of got in the way of us you know that right? But it's kind of funny that you dated her. You know I was kind of looking forward to going on that date with her." Your eyes squint out of confusion until everything fell into place in your mind.
"I don't quite understand? I don't know you so how could I get in the way?" Childes eyes looked away from Yanfei as she scoffed
"You ruined our date with your date dip shit." Yanfei placed her hand on her hip in frustration.
"Well I'm sorry, you kicked her out of your apartment so i guess you guys are both kind of even yeah?" Childe began walking as Yanfei trailed along arguing with Childe until all of you where at a clearing near the dock.
"Look Yanfei, I didn't give a shit back then and neither do I give a shit now. I'm sorry I took away your 'future girlfriend' but shes my wife now so fuck off will you?" Childe dropped you gently on a wooden crate bickering with Yanfei. Yanfeis eyes fillled with tears as she raised her voice.
"ALL I WANT TO SAY IS YOU RUINED ME AND Y/NS PERFECT LIFE TOGETHER! IT WOULDVE BEEN PERFECT IF YOU WHERENT HERE " she slapped Childe running away crying as she entered the crowd of people in a shorts notice. Childe sighed picking you up again
"Oh my god she's so tiresome, she can't let go can she?" You nod on Childes shoulder as he walks down the docks. Looking around you see the water of Liyue splashing onto the boats nearby cradling them. The boats rocking look satisfying swaying back and forth until you started as well. Looking around waters and crates surrounded you as Childe placed you on one of them.
        "Childe what are we doing? On a boat?" Questioning him didn't surprise him at all as he laughed leaning on the crate next to you.
          "Don't worry about it darling!" Childe grabbed you hands kissing it and walking towards a group of men shortly after leaving you alone. 'What where you going to do now?' Looking around you, men where carrying different shaped boxes into and onto the boat not batting one eye at you. The crates confused you seeing multiple but less of what a normal ship would carry but Childe sadly stopped you from thinking to far.
          "Darling the ships about to leave are you excited?!?!" Childe grabbed both of your hands smiling and jumping up and down in place. You nod slightly asking a question back at him
          "Where are we going?" Looking around you already saw people untying ropes from the docks and lifting up the ships anchors around you. Childe smiled grabbing your attention letting go of your hands.
             "Let's go down into our cabin area and I'll tell you sweety." Childe picked you up like a toddler carrying you down the stairs into the boat as Childe occasionally hit the stair walls from the force of the waves. Childe walked deeper until faced with a door entering it slowly throwing you onto the bed in the medium sized room. Small things in the room caught your eyes as a multitude of books was placed in front of the bed. Childe jumped on the bed next to you causing you to jump from the force until Childe rested his head on your lap.
             "Sooo wanna guess what's happening?" Childe said staring into your eyes with the rare shine in his eye. Placing your finger on your chin you stared into the wall thinking of book plots that could correlate to what scenario you where experiencing at the moment but nothing appeared.
             "I don't know, I can't think of anything." Sighing Childe sat up holding your hands.
              "Well, since this is quite sudden since we've just got married, we're-" the door of the cabin knocked behind Childe, sighing and rolling his eyes he got up to answer the door. From the door all you heard where deep mumbles and the sound of Childes sing song voice run into the cabin hallway. A few seconds passed as the door of the cabin shut with a slam and Childe breathed out a loud sigh. Walking into the bedroom, Childe smiled at you laying back down onto the bed rubbing his temples as you asked the question.
                "So... where are we going?" Childe closed his eyes Pulling you down onto the bed next to him spooning you.
                 "Don't worry about it honey, just go to sleep to pass the time. It's a surprise." Childe nestled into your neck kissing you once until all you heard was the waves crashing onto the ship and Childes snores around you.
              Loud bang where heard from above as well as loud voices yelling. Looking around you Childe was no where near you. You frowned standing up on the bed placing your ear as close to the ceiling as you could. Trying to catch as much words as you could only one word could be heard clearly.
             "SHEZHNAYA!" Widening your eyes you jump of the bed looking out the small windows. Docks where around as if you never left Liyue until you rushed out of the cabin. Slamming up the stairs and slamming the door open you saw lands of snow around you as people unloaded to boat yelling around you. Children on the dock could be heard from your area until a familiar figure came to you.
               "Ah! You're awake!" Childe pulled you near the edge of the boat near the docks showing the mainland. "So! How's szhezhnaya?" Childe laughed holding your hand on the fencing between the boat and the sea.
                 "I think it looks pretty from here." Looking at him Childe gave a smile of relief.
                  "That's great. I hope you like living here darling."


   Thank you guys so much for reading this fan fic! It was very fun to write and was very refreshing and a challenge to write an x reader when I'm so used to writing character x character as a third person view point! I hope everyone enjoyed reading this small part of my imagination!