This is literally the only story part. Because it's just ten questions. So....

So... as it says in the description, got nominated to do this lil quiz bit, so... yeah. Though some a' you might be a bit interested to know some stuff about your old pal ninjasauras after all these years, so here ya go! ;)

1) What is your name?
Uhm... well. Not going to give my real name, since well... that defeats the point of having an alias '^-^ most of you know me as Sora, though. (Beginning to regret that decision... it's getting old now since I chose it in 2010 lmao)

2) What is your relationship status?
I am currently single, but seeing as my last relationship was incredibly stressful and mentally taxing for me I am in no way keen to start a new one...

3) Who is your crush?
Umm... I'm aromantic, so don't really get crushes. Damn, that sounds weird coming from a person that writes exclusively romance novels.... I guess when it comes to real people I'm not really interested in romance ahaha. If I was going to say anyone I'd say probably, at the moment... hm, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. He's managing to outlast the others haha! (My precious lil bun)

4) What is your height?
I am 5'7". Is that tall? Short?...idk

5) When is your birthday?
On the 30th of October.... even though I'm pretty sure it says that on my profile. ^-^" gonna go ahead and say I was born as a long skinny baby to my mother back in 1996. I'm not ashamed of my age (18 year olds for the win)

6) Who is your best girl friend?
A Polish girl I went to Sixth form with named Kat. She's awesome and always there for me, and the first person I came out as aromantic to. And she'll knock skulls for me if she has to. Going to miss her a lot when we all head off to university.

7) Who is your best guy friend?
Ahhh. My Sam. Been my best friend for 'bout 6 years now, and I hate him. He's an utter dick. But I also love him. In the kind of way that most of the time I want to smack him. Stupid Sam.

8) What was the last song you listened to?
Is it cheating if I check? The last song played on my phone's music player (this afternoon) is NO SCARED by One OK Rock. They're an awesome Japanese band that I found on youtube a couple years back.

9) When was the last time you cried?
Err... probably about 9/10 days ago, when I first found out my Grandad had bust a hip and was going to be in hospital for about 6 weeks. Because they found an anyeurism that he's too old to survive the operation to fix. So basically he could die any day now. So I do not feel like a wuss for crying.

10) When was the last time you laughed?
Earlier today, probably. I laugh so much when I'm with Sam that it's hard to keep track of why I was laughing ahaha.

Anyways, that's it! Thank you for reading I guess? Doubt any of you actually care lmao.

If any of you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Also, if you want to do it just say at the beginning I tagged you. Since haven't been around here recently at all so have no one to tag except one of my favourite followers, NamelessTea! Her books are great btw, should definitely check her out. Especially if you like Ouran :)

Also, those of you waiting avidly for story updates... I promise they are ON THEIR WAY!! I'm so caught up with setting up my life at uni, and then there was so much other stuff going on... I have like four half written chapters, waiting to be posted! So they're nearly there!!