(Sakura's funeral outfit)

Kiyomi's P.O.V;1st Person

We all burst through the doors, whopping and cheering because Hiro had officially gotten into SFIT. 

"I knew you could do it!" I exclaimed, ruffling Hiro's hair.

"Alright geniuses, let's feed those hungry brains. Back to café." Cass said. 

"Dinner is on me and Cass!" Uncle Tekashi declared, pointing to himself and Cass.

The gang all hollered.

"Yes! Nothing is better than free food!" Fred cried as he and Uncle Tekashi walked away with the gang. "Unless it's moldy!"

"Aunt Cass, we'll uh, we'll catch up okay?" Tadashi said.

"Sure. Oh, I'm so proud of you!" Cass exclaimed while embracing Hiro tightly, she then hugged Tadashi. "Both of you!"

"Thanks, Aunt Cass," The two brothers said.

"And you two, thank you so much for helping Hiro out." Cass smiled as she hugged me and Sakura, squishing us together in the process.

"No problem Cass." Sakura and I spoke in synchronization. 

Cass nodded and ran to catch up with my uncle and the gang.

Tadashi motioned for me, Sakura, and Hiro to follow him over to a bridge that was overlooking the Robotics Lab and we obliged. I stood close by his side as he snaked his arms around my waist.

"I know what your gonna say, "I should be proud of myself 'cause I'm finally using my gift for something important," Hiro stated.

"No, no, I was just gonna tell you your fly was down for the whole show," Tadashi uttered as he smirked.

"Ha-ha, hilarious," Hiro said sarcastically.

I looked down and my eyes widened. "No, seriously Hiro. Dashi's telling the truth, your fly really is down."

"Wait, what!?" Hiro looked down and quickly zipped up his fly, he then glared at Tadashi and elbowed him. 

"Ow!" Tadashi cried as he laughed a little.

"Seriously dude? There are girls here!" Hiro snapped, pointing at me and Sakura. 

"Sorry." Tadashi apologized.

"Whatever," Hiro replied.

Tadashi chuckled. "Welcome to nerd school, nerd." 

"Hey, um, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys so...you know, thanks for being there for me," Hiro said to the three of us.

Sakura smiled. "Awww. You don't have to thank us. I know I would've been with you through thick and thin" She then gave him a peck on the cheek and he blushed.

Tadashi and I smirked. "Do I sense some wedding bells in the future?" I teased.

Hiro and Sakura's faces flushed red.

"S-shut up Kiyomi! W-worry about you and Tadashi's wedding!" Sakura remarked, crossing her arms.

I laughed, but stopped, feeling a wave of nausea. I ran to a bush and threw up. 

Tadashi immediately came over to me and rubbed my back. "Kiyomi, you've been throwing up for too long now. What's wrong with you?"

I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He cupped my face. "Hey, what's going on? Why are you crying?"

I turned my head to the side and saw Sakura and Hiro looking at me with concern. "I...I can't tell you, you'll get mad."

Tadashi pulled me aside and wiped the tears that were streaming down my face. "I swear to you Kiyomi, I won't be mad. I promise. Now, what's wrong?"

I breathed a heavy sigh and fidgeted with my fingers. "I...I'm pregnant. And...it's a girl" I took the folded picture of the sonogram out of my pocket and gave it to him.

His fingers visibly trembled as he held the photo. Then, he...grinned? "We're...we're having a baby?"

I nodded slowly. "Uh, yeah. I...thought you would be angry"

Tadashi shook his head. "I'm not mad! This..this is amazing!" He picked me up and twirled me around. "We're having a baby! A baby girl!"

I giggled. "M-hm!"

"Oh my god, who...who else knows?"

"Cass knows, and so does Professor Callaghan"

"Professor Callaghan knows? And he never told anyone?" 

"He promised to keep it a secret." 

"Wow. I can't believe this. We're having a baby. So that's why you were throwing up so much." Tadashi figured, taking off his hat and running his fingers through his hair as he paced back and forth. "I should've known. I was so worried about you."

"Don't beat yourself up about this okay? I should've told you sooner." I said. 

"Well, it doesn't matter anymore. We're gonna have to start buying some things for the baby! Should we postpone the wedding?"

I glared at Tadashi. "Of course not! I'm getting married to you and that's final. Plus I'm not even showing yet, so Emmaline will be just fine."

Tadashi looked at me with a smile. "Emmaline? Is that what you wanna name our daughter?"

"Do you like it?" I questioned.

"Like it? I love it, it's perfect." He said as he gave me a lingering kiss.

"We should tell Sakura and Hiro," I suggested.

Tadashi nodded and opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted when the sound of an alarm could be heard.

Tadashi and I ran off to see what was happening, Hiro and Sakura not far behind.

Sakura's P.O.V;2nd Person

"Oh my god!" Your sister screeched in horror.

There, in front of your eyes, was a fire expelling from the building.

Tadashi ran over to a woman that had just exited the premises. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, but-but Professor Callaghan's still in there!" The woman pointed at the blazing building and ran off.

Tadashi didn't hesitate to sprint to the building.

Kiyomi pulled him back by the arm and cupped his face. "Tadashi, don't, please! I need you to stay safe for me and Emmaline!"

"Emmaline?" Hiro said with a raised eyebrow.

"Who's Emmaline?!" You questioned your sister with wide eyes. 

Kiyomi ignored you and desperately clung to a faltering Tadashi. 

"Tadashi, don't go in there. Please." The aqua-eyed girl begged.

The boy looked back at the building, then at his fiancee. He then stroked her face. "I'll be okay. I promise. I love you!" Then, he ran into the burning building, his hat flew off his head in the process.

"TADASHI!" Kiyomi and Hiro screamed. 

Kiyomi looked back at you and pushed a photo in your hands. "I love you, little sister." And with that, she smiled and started racing into the building.

"KIYOMI, NO!" You started to go after her, but Hiro held you back.

Kiyomi looked back at you, and for a split second, you could've sworn that you saw a flash of blue electricity flash in her eyes before she went inside the ablaze building.

"LET ME GO HIRO!" You shrieked.


You growled and elbowed your best friend in the side, making him let go of you. You were about to go inside the building but your hand squeezed something just then. 

The photo!

You looked at the picture and your eyes widened by what you saw.

'A sonogram...Kiyomi...really was pregnant! But then...that means...!'

You looked at the building, your whole body filled with horror. "KIYOMI!!!"

Suddenly, the building exploded, blowing you and Hiro off your feet and onto the ground. After the impact, you and Hiro pushed yourselves up and peered at the flaming building with sad eyes.

Your sister Kiyomi...your future brother-in-law Tadashi...and your unborn niece Emmaline...was gone.



You and Hiro kept calling their names, but you both knew...that they would never answer back.

3rd Person P.O.V

At the funeral, Sakura sobbed loudly as she leaned on Hiro's shoulder, and the boy wrapped an arm around her while he cried as well.

'Why? Why did you have to leave me Kiyomi?!' The pink-haired girl thought as she looked up at the sky, her tear-stained face contorted with fury.

Just then, blue lightning crackled throughout the sky. Sakura's face changed into a look of confusion.

That was weird. She never saw blue lightning in the sky every time it rained.

After the funeral, Cass had gathered many close friends in the cafe. Even the gang.

Honey Lemon's hands trembled as she gave a broken Tekashi a cup of tea. The man couldn't believe that his niece was dead.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Hiro sat on the staircase wrapped up in each other's arms, isolated from everyone else. No words were being said as Sakura handed her best friend the photo of Kiyomi's sonogram.

"So she really was pregnant. I knew I was right to have my suspicions." Hiro said, sadness evident in his voice.

"She and Tadashi never even got the chance to be parents. They never even got the chance to get married. But...at least they're in heaven...with Emmaline." Sakura's voice cracked when she said her unborn niece's name.

"Emmaline...that's beautiful," Hiro said solemnly.

Sakura nodded in agreement. "Well, guess I should go tell the others now." The girl sniffed and took the photo from Hiro's hands, then she went downstairs. 

Hiro flinched when he heard someone drop a cup on the floor. Tekashi.

"She...she was pregnant?!" The man bawled.

The gang was shocked to hear the news.

"I'm so sorry Tekashi, maybe if I had told you-"

Everyone's attention snapped to Cass.

"What? You...you knew?!" Tekashi bellowed.

Cass nodded and Tekashi shook his head and clutched the picture of the sonogram. "How could I not know? The signs...the signs were all there! I should've known! No wonder why she throwing up so much!"

"Don't blame yourself, Mr. Watanabe. We didn't know either." Wasabi spoke.

"Neither of us did," Gogo mumbled, crossing her arms and looking away. 

Tekashi dropped to his knees and sobbed his heart out. "I'll never g-get to meet my niece...I'll never get to meet Emmaline!" Cass kneeled down and comforted him as Sakura plucked the photo from his hand and went back upstairs to Hiro.

"Well...I think I just completely broke my uncle." Sakura stated sorrowfully.

"He'll heal...in time. And we will too." Hiro guaranteed as he kissed the top of her head and snaked an arm around her waist.

'I hope we will.' Sakura thought, resting her head on her best friend's chest. "At least we still have each other, Hiro."

The boy smiled a little. "Yeah...at least we do."