This Time We'll Do It Right

3rd Person P.O.V

Hiro arrived at his garage, he lifted open the door and walked inside with Baymax. He set his helmet on a table and got out a ladder, placing it in front of Baymax and removing his helmet. The boy shoved some items aside and put the helmet down on his desk, then he plugged it into a computer monitor and began typing.

"Your blood pressure is elevated." Baymax notified, breaking the silence. "You appear to be distressed."

"I'm fine!" Hiro snapped, unplugging the helmet before putting it on Baymax's head. "There. Is it working?"

Baymax lifted his head up and looked around. "My sensor is operational."

"Good," Hiro said, he pressed the access port. "Then let's get..." He stopped and pressed the robot's access port again, it didn't open. "What?" He pressed it a few more times, it still didn't open.

"Are you going to remove my healthcare chip?" Baymax questioned.  

"Yes. Open!"

"My purpose is to heal the sick and injured."

"Baymax, open your access port," Hiro demanded.

"Do you want me to terminate Professor Callaghan?" Baymax queried.

"Just open!" The black-haired boy removed the robot's chest plate and began trying to open his access port, it still wasn't budging.

"Will terminating Professor Callaghan improve your emotional state?"

"Yes! No! I don't know! Open your access!"

"Is this what Tadashi and Kiyomi wanted?"

"It doesn't matter!"

"Tadashi and Kiyomi programmed me to aid and-"

"Tadashi and Kiyomi's gone!" Hiro yelled, slamming his fists on Baymax's chest. "They're...gone" At that moment, Hiro felt arms wrapped around him from behind, he knew exactly who it was. 


The pink-haired girl had arrived a while ago, and she had seen and heard everything. 

"Just because they're gone, doesn't mean they won't be remembered," Sakura spoke, hugging him closer. 

"I don't want them remembered...I want them here." Hiro uttered sadly with closed eyes.

"Tadashi and Kiyomi are here." Baymax adduced.

Hiro shook his head. "No. They're not here."

"Tadashi and Kiyomi are here," Baymax repeated. Suddenly, a screen on his chest flickered to life, revealing Tadashi and Kiyomi.

"This is Tadashi Hamada." Tadashi said from the screen.

"And Kiyomi Watanabe." Kiyomi introduced herself. "Tadashi's fiancée." She added while smirking and snuggling up to Tadashi as she showed her engagement ring."We haven't told anyone yet but we will when Sakura comes back from the NASA facility." 

Tadashi blushed, then he cleared his throat. "U-um, this is the first test of our robotics project." He reached over and pressed a button.

"Hello, I am Baymax," The robot said. Not a second later, a loud screeching was heard, making Tadashi and Kiyomi cover their ears. 

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" Tadashi yelled as he turned off the camera, the screen froze on his and Kiyomi's cringe expressions. 

Hiro and Sakura gasped lightly. The screen switched to a second video. 

"The seventh test of our robotics project," Kiyomi said, reaching over a pressing the same button that Tadashi pressed before. 

"Hello, I..." Baymax's arms began going crazy. One detached and began flying around the lab while the other continued hitting Tadashi. Kiyomi was laughing loudly, not even bothering to help her fiancé.

"Kiyomi help!" Tadashi cried.

Kiyomi wiped a tear from her eye. "Oh God, I gotta turn it off!" She said between laughs as she turned off the camera, the screen paused on her smiling face and Tadashi's horrified expression. 

Sakura chuckled faintly while the video switched to Kiyomi and Tadashi's tired faces.

"Tadashi Hamada and Kiyomi Watanabe again, and this is the 33rd test of our-" Tadashi was cut off when Kiyomi ran to a little trashbin and threw up in it. 

"Kiyo, you okay?!" Tadashi rubbed his girlfriend's back with a worried expression. 

Kiyomi wiped her mouth and smiled. "Y-yeah, let's get back to Baymax."

Sakura and Hiro glanced at each other, knowing exactly what had been wrong with her that day. 

Tadashi and Kiyomi went back to focusing their attention on Baymax.

"This is Kiyomi Watanabe and Tadashi Hamada, and this is the 33rd test of our robotics project." Kiyomi pressed the button.

"Hello, I-" The electricity crackled, shutting off the power.

A moment later, Tadashi turned on his flashlight, the light illuminating his and Kiyomi's face. The two both exhaled. 

"We're not giving up on you. You don't understand this yet, but people need you." Tadashi stated. 

"Now, let's get back to work," Kiyomi said, turning off the camera.

The screen turned to another video. 

"This is uh, Tadashi Hamada and Kiyomi Watanabe, and this is the 84th test." Tadashi and Kiyomi sighed heavily. 

"So, what do ya say, big guy?" Kiyomi pressed the button. 

"Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

As the robot said these words, Tadashi and Kiyomi mouth his sentence quietly, they looked at each other with wide eyes.

"It works," Tadashi uttered.

"It works!" Kiyomi cheered.

"Oh, this is amazing! work!" Tadashi exclaimed. 

"I can't believe this, it-it works! Finally!" Kiyomi cried happily.

The two shared a deep kiss before looking back at Baymax.

Sakura and Hiro glanced at each other again, then quickly looked back at the screen with pink cheeks.

"All right, big moment, here. Scan us." Tadashi said. 

Baymax scanned Kiyomi and Tadashi. "Your neurotransmitter levels are elevated. This indicates that you are happy."

"We are. We really are. Oh, man. Wait till my brother sees you." Tadashi spoke.

"I can't wait until my sister comes back." Kiyomi ran her hand through her hair. 

"You're gonna help so many people, buddy. So many."  Tadashi remarked.

A tear rolled down Hiro's cheek while Sakura smiled sadly. 

"That's all for now. We are satisfied with our care." Tadashi said, the screen froze on him smiling and Kiyomi leaning on his shoulder.

Then, one last video appeared on the screen, it was Kiyomi, she was sitting in front of Baymax, she looked nervous.

"Um, Baymax, I'm gonna need you to do something okay? I need you too uh...scan me, I need to know if what the test said was true." Kiyomi put her hands on her hips. 

Baymax scanned her. "You appear to have a small embryo growing inside your abdomen, this indicates that you are pregnant."

Kiyomi breathed off and ran a hand through her hair. "I knew it, I was such a fool to think the test was wrong."  She covered her arms, tears slipping out of hers. "Pregnant..." She smiled softly and rubbed her abdomen with a finger. "I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad." She sniffled and grinned. "I'm not gonna tell Tadashi...I'm too scared, maybe when the times right, I will. But not right now." She looked at Baymax. "That's all buddy, I'm satisfied with my care."

The screen froze on Kiyomi's tear-stained face, yet, she was smiling.

Sakura placed a hand over the screen by her sister's face, then she began crying. "I'm sorry, so sorry Kiyo."

Hiro pulled the pink-haired girl in for a hug, burying his face in her neck. "It's okay."

Sakura pulled away and gazed into Hiro's warm brown eyes. Hiro stared back into her beautiful ocean-blue orbs. 

The two teens then leaned in slowly...and then she shared their first sweet kiss. Blue electricity traveled up Sakura's veins and to her mouth, zapping Hiro's, electrifying the kiss. Hiro jolted, but he didn't pull away, instead, he pulled Sakura closer and cupped her cheek. 

After a minute, they both broke the kiss, having the need for oxygen. 

Sakura chuckled. "Wow, I didn't know you were such a great kisser Hiro-Kun."

Hiro looked away and blushed. "Well, kissing the girl I like makes everything easier." He smiled. 

Sakura's face flushed red. He just admitted his feelings for her. "I like you too boy genius." She nudged his shoulder, he nudged her back. 

"Hiro," A voice said. Hiro and Sakura turned and saw Gogo and the others. 

Hiro's P.O.V;1st Person

I exhaled. "Guys, I...I..."

Gogo pulled me into a hug. "We're going to catch Callaghan." She assured, pulling away. "And, this time, we'll do it right."

"But maybe don't leave your team stranded on a spooky island next time." Wasabi divulged. 

I face-palmed. "Oh, man."

"Nah, it's cool. Heathcliff picked us up in the family chopper." Fred pronounced.

"Sakura, Hiro, we found something you should see." Honey Lemon rendered, holding up USB chip. 

I took the chip and plugged it into my computer. The video for Krei's experiment played.

"You almost got us all killed!" The general yelled at Krei.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Sakura hissed. 

Just then Tekashi and Callaghan rushed into the room and tried to attack Krei, but some people held them back. 

"Krei! You did this! You knew it wasn't ready!" Callaghan shouted.

"I hope you know that my niece isn't working for you ever again after the damage you've caused!" Tekashi roared.

"Callaghan? And Tekashi? He and your uncle were there?" I questioned Sakura, pausing the video.

Sakura nodded. "They were friends."

"Callaghan was such a good man. What happened?" Honey Lemon inquired.

"I don't know. But the answer's here somewhere." I began to rewind the tape.

"Wait, stop!" Sakura exclaimed.

I stopped rewinding. In the video, Callaghan shared a hug with the pilot, then Tekashi patted her on the shoulder and nodded, and Sakura hugged her tightly before letting go.

"You, Tekashi, and Callaghan were with the pilot, so you guys knew her, who is she?" I asked Sakura. 

"Isn't it obvious? The pilot was Callaghan's daughter, Abigail Callaghan." Sakura explained. 

"Of course. Callaghan blames Krei because of what happened." I realized, standing up.

"This is a revenge story," Fred added.

I grabbed my helmet and slipped it over my head. "So what are we waiting for?"

Sakura looked at the gang and frowned. 

"We need to get to Krei Tech Industries. Now."