Name: Sakura Watanabe

Nicknames: Saku
Ura (Aura)
Girl Genius

Personality: Intelligent, bold, strong, ambitious, playful, cunning, enthusiastic, assertive, loyal, sarcastic

Age: 14

Voice Actor: Sabrina Carpenter

Appearance: slim, five feet tall, pink hair that's in a side braid with bangs, ocean-blue eyes, fair skin, pink lips

Everday Attire: a gray shirt, short pants with black leggings and boots, a hairband bracelet, green and black shades she wears over her head, and a black belt with white studs

Occupation: Bot-fighter (formerly)
SFIT Student

Likes: Bot-fighting (formerly)
Fighting Crime
Her friends and family

Dislikes: Tadashi's death
Kiyomi's death
Her Parents' Deaths
Her loved ones getting hurt
Not being able to control her

Alignment: Good

Friends: Gogo, Tadashi, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Hiro, Baymax

Powers and Abilities: Photographic memory

Home: Watanabe Mansion in San Fransokyo

Nationality: Japanese/Asian

Mother: Aiko Watanabe (deceased)

Father: Jin Watanabe (deceased)

Uncle: Tekashi Watanabe (alive)

Appearance: muscular, ruffled black hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes, fair skin
Everyday Attire: A white muscle shirt with a brown jacket, jeans, a designer gold watch, and brown boots

Actor: Brad Pitt (because I think he's a perfect parent role model for this story)

Sister: Kiyomi Watanabe (deceased later on in the story)

Appearance: Six feet tall, straight pink hair with bangs hanging over her eyebrow, aqua eyes, fair skin with a little tan, slim, rosy lips

Voice Actor: Kristen Bell

Age: 18

Everyday Attire: A black tank top with spaghetti straps, a beaded necklace, bangles, white vans, and white shorts with a belt covered in real diamonds