I Love You Boy Genius

3rd Person P.O.V

"It's all set up. This beautiful new campus is the culmination of a lifelong dream. But none of this would've been possible without a few bumps in the road. Those setbacks made us stronger, and set us on the path to a bright future." Krei announced, holding up a glass of champagne. 

The crowd cheered, then began screaming. 

"What?" Krei turned around, his eyes widened by what he saw. It was Yokai within a cluster of microbots.


Krei dropped the glass and tried to run, but Yokai caught the man and lifted him and himself into the air. Yokai lifted his mask, revealing his face. "Was my daughter a "setback"?"

"Callaghan! But you...your daughter, that...that was an accident." Krei spoke.

"No!" Callaghan shouted, the microbots on Krei tightened, making him groan in pain. "You knew it was unsafe. My daughter is gone because of your arrogance." Callaghan summoned a group of microbots, which were carrying three pieces of the missing portal. He raised them up above the building.

"What are you doing?" Krei asked.

"You took everything from me when you sent Abigail into that machine. Now I'm taking everything from you." Callaghan retorted.

The three pieces connected together, forming the familiar blue-violet color in the center. The building began to get ripped apart, parts of it getting sucked into the portal.

"No! No! No! You can't!"

"You're going to watch everything you've built disappear. Then, it's your turn."

"Professor Callaghan!" Sakura called.

Callaghan and Krei turned their heads to see the team, Sakura and Hiro standing in front of them.

"Let him go, please! This isn't what Abigail would want!" The pink-haired girl exclaimed.

"Abigail is gone!" Callaghan yelled. 

"This won't change anything. Trust us, we know." Hiro interjected, glancing at Sakura.

Callaghan's scowl dropped, he seemed to be calming down.

"Listen to the kids, Callaghan. Please, let me go. I'll give you anything you want!" Krei uttered, infuriating Callaghan once more.

"I want my daughter back!" He put down his mask and launched a clump of microbots at the gang.

Luckily, they were saved when Sakura blasted the bots with electric bolts. 

"Go for the mask!" Hiro ordered, swiftly getting on Baymax's back and flying off after Callaghan.

The man dodged and grabbed the robot's foot with his microbots, he then spun the two around and flung them into the building. Baymax crashed into the wall while Hiro broke through the glass window and landed inside a room.

Just as he was about to get up, the gravity pushed him and other items against the ceiling. Meanwhile, outside the building, Baymax was trying to get up, but Callaghan controlled the microbots to lift him up and slam him to the ground.

"Baymax!" The team shouted. They all charged at Callaghan.

"Leaping into action!" Fred blew fire at the man just as he blocked it with his microbots.

Back inside the premises, the roof gave out, sending a screaming Hiro along with other debris upward into the portal. Hiro quickly grabbed onto a rusted metal pole for dear life. 

Gogo swooped down and skated at Callaghan. He sent a mass of microbots at her, of course, she dodged them, but when she tried to throw a disk, she got trapped within a sphere of bots. 

Meanwhile, Fred was breathing fire on the microbots. He jumped into the air, but apparently, that was the wrong move, because the bots clogged his mouth in mid-air. "Oh, no!" He exclaimed as the microbots grabbed ahold of each of his limbs and began stretching them.

With Wasabi, he was currently holding his own by slicing up the microbots that were coming at him with his plasma blades. But soon, Callaghan used two tiles to start squishing him together. "Getting a little tight!" He commented, deactivating his blades. 

Now with Honey Lemon, she was throwing her chem-balls at the microbots that were trying to attack her. Though, it wasn't long before one broke through one of her attacks and charged towards her. She quickly shielded herself by enclosing a bubble around her being, but that didn't stop the microbots from jabbing holes in the bubble, the girl shifted here and there so she wouldn't get hurt by the bots.

Sakura was doing pretty well on fending off the microbots with her electricity powers. She blasted them, avoided them, flew over them, she even went as far as to start shooting electric bolts out of her finger as if she was in an action movie, she always loved action movies. 

"Whoo-hoo! I have the most awesome powers ever!" Sakura cheered. She yelped when a cluster of microbots charged at her, she put a hand out in front of her and shielded her face with the other, then something unusual happened...a ball of pure electric energy flew out of her hand and dived straight towards the bots, blasting them into oblivion!

"Whoa, that's new." Sakura stared at her hands in amazement. She was caught off guard when some microbots grabbed her from behind, picked her up, and began squeezing the life out of her. "C-can't...b-breath!" She gasped.

"Sakura!" Hiro cried, seeing that the girl he loved was in danger. The rusted pole that he was holding on too, snapped, sending him up into the portal. He grabbed onto a wire and gripped it tightly. 

"No!" The black-haired boy heard Honey Lemon cry from his communicator in his helmet.

"He's too strong!" Fred exclaimed. 

"There's no way out!" Gogo shouted.

"Hiro!" Wasabi called.

"I can't b-breath! H-help!" Sakura stuttered.

Hiro listened to all of his friends call out for help when suddenly, a few microbots hit the glass of his helmet, he watched as they and more bots got sucked into the portal. "That's it! I know how to beat him. Listen up! Use those big brains of yours and think your way around the problem. Look for a new angle!"

Wasabi pushed open the tiles a little that were squeezing him before cutting through the roof with one of his plasma blades and escaping beneath. "Ha-ha!"

Honey Lemon ejected two chem-balls, waiting for the perfect moment for the microbots to strike again. Once they did, she grabbed it and let it lift her up out of the bubble she had created. 

"My arms! They can't go any further!" Fred cried, then he abruptly stopped struggling. "Wait a second, it's a suit." He realized, taking his arms out of the sleeves. He looked through the hole of the mouth and saw a metal sheet on the ground. "Hello, sign. Care to go for a little spin?" He picked it up and sliced away the microbots restraining him. "Double spin! Behind-the-back spin! Yeah!"

Gogo popped the bubblegum in her mouth before sticking it on her helmet. She reattached her disk she had thrown earlier and began spinning around the sphere rapidly. The disks successfully cut through and she jumped out. 

Sakura was gasping for air, she hated getting trapped in a tight space. Then she suddenly remembered what she had overheard her mother telling Kiyomi before she died.


Little Sakura peeked through spindles of the staircase in her house. It was night time and she had decided to go downstairs for a midnight snack, that's when she saw her mother Aiko, and her sister Kiyomi sitting around the kitchen table. 

"Mom I'm scared," Kiyomi uttered, fiddling with her hands.

"About what?" Aiko questioned.

"About my date with Tadashi tomorrow!" Kiyomi exclaimed. "What if my powers get out of control and I hurt him? What if he thinks I'm a freak? What if-"

"Kiyomi!" Aiko snapped, stopping her daughter from talking.

"What do we do when we're scared?" 


"We breathe Kiyomi." Aiko smiled softly and cupped her daughter's cheek. "We breath."

~End Of Flashblack~

"Breath" Sakura muttered. The pink-haired girl closed her eyes and breathed slowly. She then smirked and opened her eyes, her irises were dancing with blue electricity, and her body was starting to crackle with electricity as well, she was powering up. 

After she powered up to 100% (No MHA pun intended) she exploded into sparks of pure energy, and the microbots that were squeezing her were destroyed. "Yes!"

"Baymax!" Hiro exclaimed, noticing the robot was getting covered with microbots. A sharp piece of metal swiped across his arm, making him yell out in pain. 

Baymax turned his head and saw Hiro hanging onto the wire. "Hiro," He said before his face became covered with microbots. A few seconds later, his rocket fist burst through the bots, then he flew up to get Hiro.

The black-haired boy smiled and let go of the wire, grabbing Baymax as he flew past the portal. 

Krei laughed. "I love that robot!"

Callaghan slammed Krei aside and twisted the metal of the "K" representing Krei Tech's logo around him so he wouldn't escape. 

Baymax and Hiro landed with the gang as they assembled together. 

"Okay, new plan! Forget the mask, take out the bots. They'll get sucked up into the portal." Hiro explained. 

"Now that, is a plan!" Wasabi divulged, activating his plasma blades. 

"Honey, Fred, can you give us some cover?" Hiro queried.

"Like you have to ask," Fred responded.

Honey Lemon ejected some chem-balls. "Let's do this, Freddie!" She threw them into the air as Fred sprang up. 

"Smokescreen!" Fred called while he blew fire at the chem-balls, producing blue fog. 

Callaghan rose up above the fog so he could see. He noticed Hiro and Baymax and sent groups of microbots at them. They dodged and flew up to the portal.

"Ready! And...dive!" Hiro commanded.

Baymax wheeled around and pushed through the microbots. They fell apart and flew into the portal. 

Beneath the fog, the gang had separated to do their own thing. Wasabi jumped over a piece of rubble, floating a bit. "Whoa, gravity's getting a little weird here, guys!" He notified. "Wait. Let's use this!" He pushed off a wall and activated his plasma blades, cutting through the pillars of microbots with ease. "These are green blades of fury! Ha-ha!"

Above Wasabi, Gogo skated over and sliced through smaller pillars before reaching a bigger one. "Woman up!" She yelled as she dug her disks into the bots while traveling up. 

Meanwhile, Callaghan was sending microbots at Baymax and Hiro, but they punched through them. 

"Double sign-spin," Fred said, spinning the metal sheets before lighting them aflame. "Now my signs are on fire!" He jumped up and began destroying the towers of microbots. 

Honey Lemon sprang up off the ground, using a gluey chemical substance to keep herself attached to the floor. She wedged her purse into a crevice of a pillar, ejecting one last chem-ball before descending to the ground. She threw the chem-ball at the purse, causing a colorful explosion. "Now that's a chemical reaction!"

With Sakura, she was currently flying around and blasting columns of microbots with her powers. "Hmm, wonder if I can do that thing again." She mumbled, referring to the energy ball she had produced earlier. 

"How did I do it again?" She cupped her hands together and pointed them at a pillar, she screamed as she was blown back by an electric energy wave shooting out of her hands, which destroyed at least six pillars. "Oops, hope no one noticed that." She grinned sheepishly and continued ruining piers of microbots.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Baymax were dodging Callaghan's sequence of attacks. 

"Back kick. Knifehand. Roundhouse. Hammerfist." Baymax rendered as he performed the karate moves. Suddenly, a collection of microbots enclosed the robot.

"This ends now!" Callaghan motioned to push Hiro and Baymax into the portal...but nothing happened. He tried a couple more times but to no avail.

"Looks like you're out of microbots," Hiro smirked. 

"What?" Callaghan looked down and saw the thin microbot poles that were supporting him. 

"Baymax." Hiro pronounced.

Baymax burst out of the microbots' hold and flew at Callaghan. The man shielded his face and looked away, a second later, he looked forward and saw Baymax's fist right in front of his face.

"Our programming prevents us from injuring a human being," Hiro stated. "But we'll take that." Just as he said those words, Baymax took the mask off of Callaghan's face and crushed it.

The microbots fell apart, causing Callaghan and the portal to fall. Baymax caught the man. 

The group and Krei ran away as the portal fell to the ground, stirring up dust. Baymax and Hiro lowered Callaghan to the ground and saw that the portal was still active, and it was continuing to suck in debris. 

"It's still on! We have to shut it down!" Hiro exclaimed.

"We can't! The containment field is failing. The portal is gonna tear itself apart!" Krei explained. 

"We need to get out of here, now!" Hiro began running away with the others. He turned back and saw Baymax and Sakura standing there, staring at the portal.

"Baymax! Sakura!" Hiro shouted, running back for the two.

"There's somebody in there," Sakura remarked, pointing at the portal. "My sensor's detecting it." She tapped her visor. 

"What?" Hiro asked in disbelief. 

"The life signs are female. She appears to be in hyper-sleep." Baymax informed.

"Callaghan's daughter. She's still alive." Hiro avered.

"Abigail," Callaghan muttered.

"I'm gonna go get her." Sakura insisted, levitating into the air.

"Then I'm coming too," Hiro said, climbing on Baymax.

"Good. And just so you know Hiro-Kun...if anything happens while we're in there...I have something to confess." Sakura floated over to Hiro, grabbed him by the back of the neck, and kissed him.

The gang gasped.

"I knew they liked each other!" Fred commented. 

Sakura pulled away from a blushing Hiro and smiled at him. "I love you boy genius."

Hiro blushed even more. "I love you too girl genius." He smiled at her and turned to Baymax. "What do you say, buddy?"

"Flying makes me a better healthcare companion," Baymax said before he and Sakura shot off into the air. 

They both did a loop in the sky...and then they flew into the portal.