Bad Encounter

Hiro's P.O.V;3rd Person

"Hiro?" Cass said/asked.

"H-hey, aunt Cass!" Hiro greeted with a wave.

"Wow. You're up and-"

"Yeah! I figured it was time."

"Are you registering for school?" Cass inquired, smiling.

"Uh, yes! Thought about what you said, really inspired me." Hiro remarked, going around her.

"Oh, honey, that's so great!" Cass exclaimed as she hugged him.

"Uh-huh," The boy nodded, glancing towards the door.

"Okay, special dinner tonight! I'll whip up some chicken wings, you know, with the hot sauce that makes our faces go numb. Tekashi can come over too! He hasn't been out of the house lately since...well, you know...but anyway, is that alright with you? Inviting Tekashi over?"

"Uh...yeah! Sounds good!" 

"Great! Last hug" Cass said, hugging Hiro. When she finally turned away, he bolted out the door.

Hiro ran through the streets, eluding pedestrians. "Baymax! Sakura!" He called, maneuvering through the crowd. He made it to a clearer area of the street and began searching for his friends. 

His eyes widened when he spotted bright pink hair. It was Sakura! She was on the back of a trolly with Baymax and she still hadn't taken her eyes off the microbot in the container. Hiro immediately hurried after the trolly. "Ura! Baymax!" He was stopped when a few bikers got in his way. After they crossed the street, he resumed running after the trolly, which had stopped. He looked inside, but Sakura and Baymax weren't there.

The black-haired boy rushed up a flight of stairs to a market area filled with citizens. "Baymax! Sakura!" But the two didn't respond back to his calls, they were too busy trying to figure out where the microbot wanted to go.

Hiro made his way through the backstreets of San Fransokyo, where he saw Baymax and Sakura in an alley, he came to an abrupt stop, which made him side into some boxes, making a stray cat meowl. After getting back onto his feet, he ran into the alley where Sakura and Baymax had gone in, he turned a few corners and found his friends standing at the door of an old abandoned warehouse.  

Sakura's P.O.V;1st Person

"An abandoned warehouse? Are you kidding me?! What's so special about an old warehouse?!" I kicked the door in anger with a frown. 

"I detect an electric surge," Baymax reported, looking at me.

"An electric surge?" I asked, not realizing that blue electricity was swimming around my irises.

"Yes, it is coming from you" Baymax replied, pointing at my being.

I scoffed. "Yeah right." 

"Baymax! Sakura!" A voice called.

I turned and saw Hiro running up to us. "Are you two crazy!? What are you doing? And what's wrong with your eyes Saku?!"

"What are you talking about!?"

Hiro opened his mouth to speak, but stopped. "Uh, nevermind, I could've sworn your eyes had electricity in them for a second."

I rolled my eyes. "Uh-huh. Anyway, Baymax and I found out where your microbot wants to go."

"I told you, it's broken!" Hiro reminded, taking the glass container from by hand. "It's not trying to go...huh?" He examined the bot clanging against the container repeatedly in the same direction. 

"You were saying?" I spoke, looking at him with a deadpanned expression.

Hiro glanced at me and Baymax, then walked towards the door. "Locked," He said, picking up the lock securing the door, he then dropped it.

"There is a window," Baymax uttered, looking up.

Hiro and I looked up as well and saw the window.

"Okay, I can see that. But, how are we gonna get up there?" I questioned.


"Please exercise caution. A fall from this height could lead to bodily harm." Baymax lectured.

Hiro was currently standing on top of the robot's head, peeking over the edge of the window and into the warehouse.

"What do you see?" I queried.

"You'll just have to see for yourself." He responded, he climbed into the warehouse and held a hand out. "Come on."

I hoisted up myself on Baymax's shoulders and steadily climbed onto his head. I grasped Hiro's hand, not noticing his pink tinted cheeks. He pulled me inside the warehouse and I dusted myself off before looking around. "Whoa."

Hiro took the glass container out of his pocket and looked at the microbot. 

Just then we heard a squeaky noise. We turned around and saw Baymax stuck between the window.

"Oh no," The robot said.

I stifled a peal of laughter while Hiro shushed him feverishly. 

"Excuse me while I let out some air." Baymax began deflating, the air hissed ghastly.

I covered my mouth and snickered, Hiro glared at me. "What?" I shrugged. 

The hissing air came to a stop shortly. 

"Are you done?" Hiro asked.

After one more gust of air, Baymax finally replied. "Yes."

I pulled him through the window. 

"It will take me a moment to re-inflate." Baymax voiced.

"Fine, just keep it down," Hiro said. He took me by the hand and guided me down the staircase nearby.

My face flushed red. 'Why am I blushing? This is not the time!'

Hiro and I turned a corner and saw moving figures inside a room. I walked closer to investigate, I wasn't scared, Hiro on the other hand, was, because when I turned to see if he was behind me, he was holding a broom.

I giggled as he stepped in front of me. "Are you trying to protect me? I can handle myself you know."

Hiro's cheeks heated up, but he didn't reply, he walked towards the room, me following closely. We looked through the translucent walls and saw robots moving inside.  

A little noise caught my attention, I grabbed Hiro's hand and brought him over with me to investigate. 

There, we found microbots on a conveyor belt being dropped into a bin one by one. 

Hiro reached into the bin and scooped up a handful of bots. "My microbots?"

I looked out into the building, my eyes widened. There were dozens of black containers that had microbots in them! "Hiro, look!" 

Hiro's eyes widened as well when he saw the bins. "Someone's making more." 

I turned my head and saw a wall with papers plastered all over it. One of them had what looked to be a bird symbol on it. 'Hey! Why do I feel like I know that symbol? Hmmm...'

"Hiro? Sakura?" Baymax pronounced, cutting through the silence.

"Ah!" Hiro and I yelped.

"Baymax." I groaned.

"You gave me a heart attack!" Hiro cried.

"My hands are equipped with defibrillators," Baymax said, rubbing his hands together. "Clear-"

"Stop, stop, stop! It's just an expression!" Hiro exclaimed, he took out the container and looked at the microbot, which was frantically moving around.

"Oh no," Baymax said, he seemed to be looking at something.

I turned to see what he was looking at, my eyes widened. "H-how?" 

Hiro turned around as well and saw that all the microbots from the containers had risen up into the air. "Run!" He grabbed my hand and began running in the other direction. 

"Baymax!" I yelled, seeing the robot was far behind.

"Oh, come on!" Hiro rendered.

"I am not fast," Baymax said, slowly waddling towards us.

"Yeah, no kidding!" Hiro pulled him by the arm and ran with him. 

"Come on!" I cried as I ran ahead of them, hope lifted in me when I saw the entrance door.

"Kick it down!" Hiro said to Baymax.

The robot kicked the door with little force.

"Punch it!" I instructed.

He punched the door weakly, causing him to stumble back a little.

I panicked when I saw a swarm of microbots approaching quickly. "Go, go!" I ordered, pushing Baymax forward with Hiro and I.

I felt so sorry for Baymax. While we were running, he had tripped, so I had to help him up again, he banged his head, and he had trouble fitting through a tight space.

Hiro attempted to lock one of the doors to stop the microbots, but they shoved us back, pushing Baymax back into an underground level vent. 

I pushed the robot further into the vent. "Let's go!" I said to Hiro as I dragged him into the vent as well. "This way, this way!" I said, going straight forward, but the microbots blocked my path. "Ah, other way, other way!"

The three of us crawled and crawled, desperate to get away. We finally found a way out of the vent and we climbed out and continued running.

"Whoa!" I cried as we were thrown into the air by the microbots. Fortunately, we had landed on an upper catwalk. 

Me and Hiro turned our heads to see a man dressed in all black at the end of the catwalk, controlling the bots, and he was wearing some kind of mask.

"Come on! The window!" Hiro ushered Baymax over to the window and forced him out, but he got stuck again. 

The mysterious man was getting closer, Hiro saw this and desperately continued trying to force Baymax out the window.

I, on the other hand, was angry. I had to do something! But what? I looked at my hands with a frown, suddenly, blue electricity sparked from them. Did I just have an electric surge?! Baymax was right?!

I tried rubbing my hands together to create another spark, and it worked!

"Sakura! What are you going!? Help me!" Hiro demanded, continuing to try and force Baymax out the window.

I ignored him and faced the man in black, not knowing that my eyes were sparkling with electricity.

"Get back!" I yelled as I put my hands forward, I was surprised when streaks of blue lightning bolts actually shot out of them! The lightning bolts hit the microbots and they retracted, the man was almost hit as well, but he dodged the bolt.

I continued to fire electricity at the man, determined to fry him. He was eluding all of my attacks! How?! I was about to fire at him again, but little electricity sparked from my hands. What? I was out of power already?!

I tried to attack the man again, but nothing came out of my hands, I collapsed, ugh, guess I tired myself out.

"Get up!" Hiro cried as he helped me up and began hurrying over to Baymax, who was still stuck in the window.

"Sakura what was that?!" Hiro asked with wide eyes while continuing to push Baymax out the window.

I looked at my hands. "I don't know..."

"Urgh! Suck it in!" Hiro shouted as him and I pushed Baymax out. 

Then, the window flipped over, we were now outside...dangling from Baymax's legs, whose upper half was still stuck inside. I guess the microbots forced him out because we were now...falling.

I felt Hiro's arms wrap around my waist before Baymax had enveloped the both of us before we fell to the ground, good thing Baymax broke our fall. 

'Ugh, why do I feel so low on energy, did I really tire myself out so easily?'

Hiro got up and dragged me and Baymax to our feet and began running away with us. "Let's get out of here, go! Hurry!"