"A child will have the need to discover"


Curious, adventurous, reckless, a few word to describe a child

Emerald eyes looked at the door infront of him, the nice but weirdly dressed man from earlier ended up adopting both him and Anya

"Listen kids—" "Anya"

The boy looked between them 'It's rude to interrupt adults, isn't it?' thought to himself

The older girl next to him widen her eyes and looked at him at his thoughts

"Anya and...." The older man said and looked at the boy, the black haired boy looked up at him "Adam, sir" he said

"Adam, from now on i'm your father so you can call me as such, also, you've always been my children"

"Papa!" "Yes, Dad" cheered both the children infront of him he nodded at them "close enough"

Just then a neighbor saw the three of them and can't help but ask if their the new neighbor

"Yes, were the forger family, my names Loid forger" the adult said and gestured to the kids next to him

"These are my children—" he stopped waiting for them to introduce themself

"I'm Anya Forger!, I've been papa's kid since always!" Anya said earning a sweatdropped from Loid

Adam noticed the expression on the males face and decided to avert the elderly woman's attention from Anya

"My names Adam Forger, maam" Adam said politely, though he is curious about why his new 'Father' told him that, he decided not to ask.

Though he cant help but wonder what it is for.

Reputation? Is his adopted father a big figure in the political world?? Or maybe his adopted father is just weird like that

After Adam finished his sentence, Anya's blush intensified, why did she say it like that?? Adam acted normal, Anya gets flustered so easily too, aw man

"Well, let's go" Ushered adam's new dad, the man went inside first followed by the two kids.

"Is this Anya and Adam's house?" Anya asked as she looked around, the adult agreed with her

Adam looked around the living room as Anya opened the T.V,

"...Books.." he muttered as he looked at the books on the bookshelf, the black haired child was too short to reach the books he stopped and sigh.

"Adam" said a voice, the kid looked towards his new father who was holding Anya's hand.

"Were going shopping" he stated, Adam nodded and grabbed the other man's hand


Adam looked at his now older sister with a deadpan stare, the said girl was caught in a crowd and was spinning while yelling for their father

A kind elder woman smiled at them as she grabbed his sister

"Now, Now you need to make sure you hold the little girl's hand"

She said and went inside the bus, leaving anya and their new father in a staring contest

Adam grabbed Anya's hand and looked at her "Big sis Anya, pls don't run around anymore, we should follow dad so we don't get lost okay?" He said cheerfully at the girl

Anya looked at him and smiled at him while giving him a nod

Loid looked at them and grabbed anya's other hand  guiding them through the street.


Loid heaved a heavy sigh as he carry Anya and the some books and grocery

He looked at the kid beside him who was carrying some books that the kid asked to buy, it was some books he know that is difficult for a child, but he bought it anyway.

Loid sat at the couch with a mountain of books in front of him, He put anya to her bed Adam was beside him with his focus already in the newly bought book

'-To deceive a person, one must know one's lies- huh, lies are only there to destroy relationship of two people, secrets are only the accomplice of lies, mix those two and you have something that can destroy even the most perfect relationship' Thought Adam

Though he may not ask questions, though he may look like he's being obedient, he himself knows this is not true

He do as he said because that way he can observe

He doesn't ask questions because he knows adults, will never tell the truth to a child

He chose to not do these things because he adults doesn't like that, Adam is not a good child, he himself knows this.


"For a child, the world is a vast place full of unknown"


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