β†  word count: 791
β†  warnings: just fluff, pregnant y/n.

β†  summary: y/n misses rafe sleeping next to her after a fight, so she joins him on the couch.

the house had a silent, eerie aura to it in the depths of the night. y/n felt this way, perhaps, because she didn't have rafe sleeping beside her as usual.

she had one hand on her five month old pregnant belly and the other tucked under her cheek, her eyes wide open and staring at anything in the room whilst her mind roamed back to their little fight earlier on.

rafe had insisted she rest as she'd been cleaning the whole house all day; sorting out the closets, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning almost all the cabinets in the kitchen. rafe was surprised she had that much energy to do all that whilst carrying a five month old baby in her belly.

as soon as he'd left for work at 10am, she'd started and didn't finish until he came back at 5pm. of course y/n knew she should rest and be feeding herself and the mini human inside her, but she had a boost of motivation to clean their entire living space as soon as she woke up, which is what she did.

she understood where rafe was coming from, but this was something she felt she was finally able to do independently. ever since she found out about her pregnancy, everything she did, rafe helped her with, whether that be bathing to cooking dinner. she told him countless times she was perfectly able to do these small jobs by herself, but rafe being his overprotective self wanted to help and ensure she doesn't hurt herself.

this then caused a fight to break out. rafe was absolutely calm the entire time, knowing that y/n didn't mean to exaggerate any of the things she said due to her mood swings. this aggravated her more. his calmness and patience with her, she surely said some words she definitely regretted later on. nevertheless, rafe stood by and let her rant, calmy adding some of his own comments to not infuriate her more.

now that she thinks about it, it was quite stupid.

currently laying alone in their shared bedroom, her bed feeling cold and empty, she thought back to a few hours ago when she told rafe she couldn't deal with his 'constant overprotectiveness' and that she'll sleep on the couch. she remembered the way he immediately perked up and protested that he'll sleep on the couch and she deserves the bed.

her heart swelled at how, even whilst she yelled her ass off at him, he still wanted her to be comfortable and get a good nights rest in her bed.

she got up, putting her slippers on using the small amount of moonlight filtering into the room, she trudged over to their bedroom door and walked out. carefully walking down the stairs and into the living room, her heart thumped in her chest when she laid eyes on her boyfriend.

rafe lay with his brows furrowed, one arm under his head and a blanket covering the bottom half of his body.

a small pout made its way onto y/n's lips, and guilt swarmed in her stomach. trudging over to him, she lifted the blanket up, took off her slippers and got in.

rafe started to stir feeling the movement next to him. his eyes opened half way seeing his girlfriend getting comfortable next to him. a lazy smile made its way onto his lips as he watched her cuddle into his chest unaware that she woke him.

when she felt his arm come up and circle her waist, she looked up to him startled.

"m'sorry i woke you." she mumbled, her voice so quiet he was lucky it was dead silent so he could hear.

"it's okay." he whispered in return.

"and i'm sorry for fighting with you. i was wrong to lash out like that." she looked so small tucked under his arms, staring up at him with big doe eyes under the moonlight. rafe felt his heart warm at how adorable she looked. "forgive me?"

"of course i forgive you, baby. i was never angry at you." he whispered against her head, planting a kiss on it after. "i could never be angry at you."

she snuggled her head into his chest, her arm tucked under their combined bodies. "i love you, and i love when you're overprotective." she mumbled, shutting her eyes and loving the warmth and comfort he provides.

"i love you too, my beautiful girl." he kissed her head one last time before whispering 'goodnight' and finally falling asleep with his love in his arms and his heart content.

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