It has only been two weeks since Renshi started living under the same roof with her brothers. Two chaotic weeks where the day won't end without them kicking each other's asses, two hellish weeks of bullying from Ranβ€”and sometimes Rindou, which the third Haitani doesn't really mind since his tactics were milder than Ran's. It's not like he bullies her every single breathe he takes. Unlike Ran, Rindou would only bully her whenever he feels like it. Sometimes he would join forces with the first born Haitani, but there are also times that he'd rather bully Ran together with Renshi. And that's just more reason for the youngest to appoint him as her favorite brother

But putting the siblings' bullying aside, Renshi can proudly tell that she didn't make a wrong decision about giving them a chance. Having two caring brothers are the best. During the weeks that they were together, the two never once let her down. They treat her nicely and even spoil her with anything she asks them for. Although, it kinda confused her where they are getting the money from since their father never really send them any allowancesβ€”and it's not like they have a job where they can earn money for themselves

Maybe those thug looking dude who are visiting every Sunday has something to do with it. Now that I think about it, they look like they are handing my brothers some cash. Are they collecting money from other delinquents?

She sighed, pushing those thoughts aside and continued to put her skirt on in a lazy manner. Last weekβ€”their Ran and Rindou decided to enroll her in their school, saying that it'll be easier for them to look after her, she doubt that they'll attend school so that idea didn't really bothered her much. And today is her first day of school. She's supposed to attend school yesterday but her uniform arrived late, leaving her with no choice but to skip school

"Renren, hurry up and get your bratty ass over here. You'll be late!" She heard Ran called out for her using the nickname he came up with last week

"Give me few more minutes! I can't find my socks!" Renshi yelled back, rummaging insideΒ the cabinets and drawersβ€”searching for her white knee high socks

If only their uniform isn't too short for her liking then she wouldn't bother looking for it

"Riri! Have you seen my socks? I saw you hanging the laundry yesterday!" She asks

"Ran was the one who did the laundry though." He replied

Annoyed, Renshi stormed out of the room to look for the first born who was just by the end of the stairs earlier. Now, he's nowhere to be found

"Ran! Have you seen my socks?!"

"What socks?" Ran asked, his voice coming from outside the house so Renshi assumed that he is now waiting by the door because he said they'll walk her to school since they can't fit in one single bike

"The white knee high socks!"

"Oh, that... What about it?"

"Have you seen it?"

"Have I seen what?"




Rindou, who feels like he's about to go deaf, stood up and headed the laundry room to search for it. But after rummaging inside the basket and even the washing machine, he has not spot it. Assuming that maybe it got mixed up with their clothes, he entered their room and opened the first row of the drawer. There, he saw a pink folded socks and beside it is a... Red underwear

Ran better run now

"Rindou, can you check if it's inside yo... Is thatβ€”is that my socks?" Renshi asked, her left eye twitching as if she's about to snap any minute now

Rindou can even feel his palm sweating upon picturing an image of Renshi kicking their brother's ass

"Renren, what the hell is taking you so lonβ€”" Ran, who just entered the room to call for his sister, got hit right on his face with a balled up pair of pink socks followed by a red underwear

"Did you wash my socks with that brief? Ran, you are so gross!" Yells Renshi, throwing the sock and the underwear right in Ran's face

"What? It's washed! What do you mean gross?"

"What if I kick someone's face and my socks smells like your ass?"

"Then they wouldn't know it's my aβ€”"

"Aaah, I don't want to hear it!" The youngest strode out of the room and took her bag to walk to school, not wearing socks

They originally planned on riding a bike despite of the fact that they won't fit in a single one but now that the third born is pissed, the two figured that maybe walking might help to cool down her head so they followed her close behind until she suddenly halted

"Why are they looking at me like that?" She walks close to Ran and pulled one of his braids to whisper those in confusion

Right, braids. Renshi personally braided them by herself because Ran doesn't have a single idea on how to do it, and seeing him with his hair always down seems unsettling for the youngest so she offered to do his hair until he learns how to do it himself

What a dumbass

"What do you mean looking at you? They're looking at us, Renren." Ran replied and gently took the young lady's hand to make her let go of his precious hair

Right, the two told her about ruling the city so it's quite understandable for them to staring like that to the two, some gazes looks fearful, some admires them but some would just glance and scoff as if they've seen something distasteful

"I see." She just nodded it off and increase her pace of walking to walk ahead of the two for she does not appreciate the attention that she is getting for being the the same spot as her older brothers

As Renshi silently walks to their way to school, someone whistled as she walks by, and it wasn't just any other whistle that you'll often hearβ€”this one's obviously catcalling her. The two also heard this which causes the both of them to stop at their tracks. Rindou was the first one to turn his head back to see the scoundrel who catcalled his sister and saw a man who looks like just about their age

"How bold. Catcalling our sister in the presence of us?" Ran smirked as he spat out a venomous words while staring viciously at the man. He was about to advanceΒ  closer to the male when Renshi used her arm to block Ran, mentally telling him that she wants to be the one to handle the situation. Good thing Ran quickly got what she's trying to do and backed away without a word

"Rin, hold my bag" Renshi said and handed her bag to Rindou who reluctantly took it if it wasn't for her aggressively shoving it onto the male's chest, glaring at him as if she's telling him that he'll forget how to breathe if he drop her things

With that, the third Haitani walks closer and closer towards the male to the point that his back is already pressed at the rough wall of the store that is standing behind him. With this suddenly act, Renshi saw how his lustful smirk turned into a nervous smile almost as if he now realized that he messed with the wrong girl

"H-Haitani...san. Iβ€”"

Before he could even make excuses, Renshi let out a surprise front kick, making the crowd think she's going to kick him square in the faceβ€”but she didn't, she just using her foot to trap the male

"Renren?!" The lanky Haitani exclaimed in surprise and quickly goes to her side to avoid the others from peeking

"Tsk, Renshi. Your undies is showing. You shouldn't do such thing in skirt." Rindou chided her and copied Ran, blocking her side while glaring at anyone whose gaze happen to meet his in attempt of trying to look at the younger lady's lower part

"There, you've been trying so hard to take a look, right? Since I'm feeling quite generous right now, I'll let you take a peek"-Though she was being playful, her voice doesn't sound playful at all. It was dripping with venom and disgust.

This is why I hate wearing skirts, they think showing a little skin means I'm asking to be catcalled. Men and their stupidity, really

Annoyed, she reached for the baton that is strapped on her leg, she didn't bother to flick it open to bring out its full lengthβ€”instead, she used the handle and jabbed it on the male's shaft, sending him rolling on the ground, clutching his injured groin

"If you badly want to be a eunuch, just say so"-With that, she tossed her baton to the first born Haitani's direction before flicking the tip of her hair, she then brought her foot down and walked off as if nothing happened

"Let's go home, I don't want to go to school anymore"

Witnessing this, the people who saw the scene couldn't help but to watch her with awe. Some of them has already heard about them because Ran would often run his mouth talking about his bratty yet adorable sister. At first, they thought she'll be a total pushover compared to the twoβ€”turns out that they misjudged her. She's nothing like her older brothers who always cooperate with each other to get the job done, she can handle things on her own just fine. Because of that, Ran couldn't help but to shake his head and quickly followed his sister, though he put a distance between them just like Rindou so that they could block Renshi's back. Without the youngest noticing itβ€”both of her brothers are pulling the side of their gang uniform, using it to hide the back of her skirt so no one could peek at her undies as she walks by and when the breeze blows up her skirt

Once they arrived home, she quickly ran into her room to get change and read her favorite novels to pass the time, but the second born Haitani has other plans, leaving poor Renshi with no choice but to hug the door of her room, not wanting to let go because she knows that once she did, Rindou will start dragging her all the way from here to her school

"Who needs studying? Can't I just be dumb for my whole life? I don't want to go! I'll just marry a rich old man and poison him!" She whined for the umpteenth time

She's already unmotivated to go to school after seeing her uniform, and that pervert just ruined her mood even more


"Fine! I'll go to school, only if I got to wear the boy's uniform!" The clever young lady said and smirked, knowing that it'll take 2 weeks to get your uniform done

"What year are you again?" Ran asked, rummaging inside Rindou's cabinetβ€”looking for something

"First year...?" Renshi replied with unsure tone

"Are you planning to make her wear our uniform, brother?" Rindou asked now giving up on trying to pry his sister's arms off the door, earning a low hum from Ran

Ran walked away from them for about a minute or two, as he came back,β€”he's already holding two hangers with uniforms on his hands. He then laid it on Renshi's bed and made her choose what to wear, but the uniforms looks too big for her size. She's sure it'll look baggy on her

"Woah, so these are your uniforms? Cool!" She said and finally let go of the door and sat at the edge of her bed to look at the uniforms closely

"I can wear them?" She asked, looking at the two to check if they're messing with her or not

"Hmm, it's not like it'll still fit on us" Rindou nodded nonchalantly

Without a wordβ€”Renshi grabbed the one that seems smaller for her, well... It might be smaller but she's sure that it still looks big on her once she put it on. After that, she ran out of her room and quickly change into male's uniform, she then come out after successful putting it on, it does looks like a bit loose on her but she still look good on it

"It actually turned out quite alright that I expected it to be. Now let's go, you already missed your first subject this morning" Ran said and dragged her out of the house with Rindou following them behind


"Damn it! Why does this uniform feels itchy?!" She whined as they reached the gate of the school, itching her nape, arm and even her belly

She's been feeling so itchy ever since she wore the uniform. She can't understand why, but Ran just cackled. Figuring out that she'd never get a good answer with Ran, she turned on Rindou who sweat dropped at her and looked away, putting a fist in front of his mouth as he spoke in a low tone

"That's because the uniform hasn't been in laundry for 2 years, Renren " The second Haitani said with a stoic look on his face despite of having a visible sweat running down his temple

Y/n suddenly wanted to strip, she should've known better. Ran will always be a bitch, no one can change that. Seeing her annoyed expression,Β  her two older brothers expected her to attack Ran like she usually to, but to their surpriseβ€”she didn't. She just quietly made her way to her classroom and bowed at the teacher as a sign of respect and also because she's late. Without even throwing a single glance on her brothers, Renshi sat down near at the window and heard the few girls talking about her

"Isn't she the one who made a scene near the school earlier?"

"That was her?! She looks few times hotter now that she's wearing the boy's uniform"


"I heard she's Ran and Rindou's younger sister, should we make friends with her?"

Tired of hearing buzzing murmurings everywhere, Renshi sighed in frustration and pulled the neck of the uniform to make it loose. Then, she slightly lowered her head and gave the girls a sharp glare and a mischievous smirk

"I don't usually hit girls, but if I ever hear you again running your mouths about me... I wear, I'll make you cry." After that, she gave them a warm closed eyes smile as if she didn't threatened them just a few seconds ago, making the girls suddenly fell silent and focus their eyes on the black board, not wanting to be on her bad side

Ran cackled upon seeing that and Rindou could only let out a grin. She's really a brat

"Well, that's the youngest Haitani for you" He proudly said before shoving his hands inside his pocket and begin to walk home with Ran who had his arm slung on his shoulder


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