pizza again

Laila's POV

I hugged Anna tighter as she pulled me closer to her as I cried soaking her navy blue shirt. I couldn't help but be thankful towards Anna for being here for me at my worst as well as be glad that she's my best friend and the only family member I have.

She's my everything right now and the only person I can think of who cares , loves and never want to hurt me nor play with my feelings.

Anna continued stroking my hair softly as I calmed down whispering sweet words so I can pick my crown back on my head again.

We stayed in like that as silence engulfed around us as we listened at each other's heart beats not minding what might happen tomorrow even in the future.

It was only me and her before someone rung the door bell and my stomach growled making me instantly peak up knowing it was definitely the pizza I sent for earlier.

Anna groaned irritatedly before holding me tighter as grumbling curses towards whoever was ringing the doorbell. "Who's that now?" Anna whispered as she breathed in my hair.

I laughed up a bit at her cuteness before patting her back which she took as a sign to let me go as also my hands left her body.

"It's the pizza , I sent for earlier. God I'm starving." I got a small tip from my purse before rushing to the door practically running there. I wiped my cheeks so as I don't freak anyone out before placing on a smile and opening the door halfway.

My eyes met black t-shirt that stretched over someone's chest before I titled my head backwards so I could see the person's face but I was met with one I was familiar with.

And guess who?

The one and only Miss Skylar West...

My brows furrowed together wondering what brings her here again.... practically i was tired of today's drama....

I had already made up my mind and I wasn't going to change it.

No matter what!

My eyes searched hers and she stared into mine. Nervousness and regret filled her black orbs and I resisted so very much not to roll my eyes at her.

I stepped back a bit so I could shut the door in her face but she called out making me freeze in my tracks .

"Wait.....I know you don't want to see or talk to me but I'm here to say I'm sorry for everything." I raised one eyebrow at her as I crossed my hands across my chest.

She took a step forward as I stared at her blankly before her hands gently grasped mine unfolding then from my chest then held a firm grip of them as she caressed my fingers softly.

My eyes met hers again and they held sincerity making me narrow my eyes a bit. "Laila, I'm really sorry for how I treated you , for how I disrespected you, for how I acted selfish towards you, for how I used you , for how I never cared about your feelings, for how I took possession of you without your permission , for how I never valued your emotions and lastly for not treating you as you deserve to be treated. I'm really sorry for everything. I know I hurt you so much and nothing in my power can replace that damage I did to you. It was so stupid of me to treat you like that when I have feelings for you. When I say this to you Laila that I really like you , I mean it and every single word I telling you. You are a so beautiful and I don't know why I treated you like that. You are one of the strongest person I have meant for the past two years I have been with you. You were very tolerant with my bullshit and never showed signs of giving up then and I'm very thankful for that because my company would have messed up then if you had decided to quit then because then I was trying to find out what I really felt for you. Laila I don't mean that as you are going to quit , it won't make an impact on me will surely do one because it's going to hurt me but I deserve it. I deserve every punishment that you would want to give towards me because I hurt and fucked your feelings up. If someone other than me had hurt you , I would have done everything in my power to multiply the pain they caused towards you ten times more ."

My mind raced with so many thoughts but I couldn't know what I was really feeling then. One of her hand left mine making it fall at one of my side then caressed my cheek slowly as I resisted the urge to lean more to her touch though it was cold. My eyes were still locked in hers as she caressed my cheek gently. "Honestly tomorrow if you quit , " She paused then licked her lips slowly before exhaling deeply as if what she was about to was going to break her. " I won't stop because you have had enough. You deserve to be happy and have a life with someone who won't hurt nor fuck your feelings up. You deserve so much better than what you have love and if I can't give it to you then I have no right to keep you Laila."

My heart arched as I saw so many emotions flashing through her eyes as she stopped caressing my cheek but instead she leaned in making my eyes flatter a bit before placing a small kiss on my cheeks that was like a brush of a feather against your skin. My breathing pattern changed as it came ragged as I tried to hide my reaction towards her.

Her scent filled my senses as it made me bite my lip in anticipation because her lips moved towards my ear lobe and for a second I thought she would tug it but instead she whispered in my ear. "I meant everything I said Laila, you deserve better but if you stay with me , I will treat you so much better than you think of ."

Just like that, she walked away like nothing happened leaving me staring on her retreating figure as she walked towards her SUV also giving me the opportunity to take in her look which consisted of a black leather jacket, black jeans , black t-shirt and white Vans .

In no time her car drove off as I stared into the driveway with different thoughts running inside my head.

Right now honestly I was stuck....

I tried so much to make Skylar sorry and I don't know if it went well or it flopped ....tell me what you think.

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